Valley Mill Natural Soaps and Wax Melts

I’ve got something lovely to share with you today including a selection of photographs that are just oozing spring. The weather has been lovely recently and you’ll never guess but I actually saw a blossoming tree the other day. That’s pretty much the definitive sign that spring is here, and I’ve now finally got an excuse for all of those natural, pretty and colourful posts that I’ve been looking forward to, starting with this one!

Last week, Valley Mill were kind enough to send me a little package of two absolutely beautiful products that I’ve been so excited to try. I received a packet of welsh cake scented luxury soy wax melts (yum, right?) and a portion of rosemary and lime soap.

I only buy and use cruelty-free products, including everything from my toothpaste to my nail polish, so finding out Valley Mill don’t test their products on animals was fantastic news. Both the soy wax melts and the natural soaps are also hand made! Before even using the products, the company had ticked a few boxes for me.

Valley Mill Natural Soaps and Wax Melts Product ReviewValley Mill Natural Soaps and Wax Melts Product Review


The natural soy wax melts, shaped like the Valley Mill logo, are so delicate and pretty. I almost didn’t want to melt the lovely pattern away but I’m glad I did. Within minutes, my entire home smelt like I’d spent the afternoon baking sweet treats. I’ve never tried a welsh cake before and I’m clearly missing out because these melts smell a lot like sugary and kind of Christmassy scones. Today, I’ve had the same wax melt burning for 5 hours and it’s absolutely nowhere near running out. Each box of 5 wax melts has a total of 60 hours burn time. That’s 60 hours of pretending I’ve been baking!

Valley Mill Natural Soaps and Wax Melts Product ReviewValley Mill Natural Soaps and Wax Melts Product Review

The soap is very exciting. Rosemary and lime… What a fantastic combination of smells that is! I took it out of it’s sweet little box and I didn’t know what to pay more attention to: the bright colours or the smell. Both are unbelievable. I wasn’t even apprehensive about the obscure combination of scents because they wouldn’t purposely create a bad smelling product, would they? They certainly did not. I think the lime is a lot stronger than the herb scent, but I’m thankful for that because it’s lovely and sweet. You can also sneak behind the scenes to check out how they’re made here.

Now, I love Lush. They are my go-to for every occasion, feeling and season. Despite that, this Valley Mill soap is easily a contender for one of my favourites. It’s definitely the best feeling soap I’ve tried. The only, very tiny, issue I had with it is that the beautiful, sweet smell isn’t as strong on the skin as it is the product itself. That’s forgiveable though.

Valley Mill Natural Soaps and Wax Melts Product Review


What do you think about the idea of Rosemary and Lime soaps?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.
Items were gifted by Valley Mill in exchange for an honest review.

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