Child of Light

Ubisoft Montreal’s Child of Light is an absolute work of art and I’m genuinely gutted to have finished the game already. I can’t wait for it to have been a socially acceptable amount of time for me to play it again! This fantasy, platform role-playing game is completely narrated with rhyme and poetry, full of beautiful, colourful artwork and has a magical soundtrack. How good does that sound?

Child of Light Game Review

Playing as the beautiful, young princess Aurora who mysteriously fell asleep in her castle, you wake up in the magical kingdom of Lemuria. Working along a quirky group of friends, you fight to save your father, who’s back in the real world, whilst struggling against the darkness that is taking over Lemuria.

Although it has an average playtime of only around 12 hours, there’s a huge replay value because of the rich storyline, the many side quests and the number of collectables to be found. Like I said, I’m already itching to play the game all over again. I miss its charm and the its story. Everything from the game play to the colour scheme is just perfect.

Child of Light Game ReviewChild of Light Game ReviewChild of Light Game Review

It’s definitely not your average platform game. The attention to detail is just beautiful, and there isn’t a moment where Aurora’s long red hair isn’t blowing in the wind. That sounds simple, I know, but it’s incredible to watch. Eventually, little Aurora learns to fly around the magical kingdom of Lemuria and the game’s enjoyability factor just sky rockets.

The turn-based battles are also a hit. They’re similar to the battles from both Pokémon and Final Fantasy, where you and the enemy take turns choosing between fighting, healing or fleeing. I loved this element of Child of Light. It was tense and exciting, and at times I found myself actually shouting at the screen. I haven’t reacted like that towards a game in a while!

Child of Light Game Review

Overall, I’d highly recommend this game. It’s incredibly smooth. It’s beautiful. It’s magical. It’s freaking exciting. If anything, it’s worth a little block of your time to immerse yourself into it’s wonderful storyline. Just wow.


Do you think you’d enjoy this game?

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All credit for the images go to Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montreal.

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    • Ahhh that’s amazing! I’d definitely play a game with my name haha :). I don’t play FF but my fiancé is obsessed and he said it’s a lot like the FF game play and battles. Let me know if you get around to playing it :)!

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