Lush Review | Golden Egg Bath Bomb

If you’re looking for something a little bit more luxurious then I think Lush’s Golden Egg is the one for you. A few of the limited edition Lush product I review have been and gone by the time I write them up, but luckily this one is still actually available to buy. So, if you like what you see, your heart won’t drop when you find out it’s not available anymore!

Lush Review Golden Egg

Unlike the majority of other Lush reviews I write, this isn’t actually a bath bomb and, in fact, instead is called a bath bomb melt. That’s because it’s bath bomb centre is surrounded by a deep layer of cocoa butter that leaves your skin feeling ridiculously soft and smooth. It’s recommended to leave these until they’ve melted before getting into the bath, and that’s plenty of time for all of the cocoa butter, olive oil and glitter to distribute around the bath.

Lush Review Golden Egg Bath BombLush Review Golden Egg Bath BombLush Review Golden Egg Bath Bomb

I know what you’re thinking though… All that glitter. Is it annoying? Does it venture into unwanted places? Do you leave the bath looking like a sparkly fairy? No, to all of the above. It’s actually really pleasant. The glitter is the first to come away from the product, and it eventually floats to the bottom of the tub until you wobble about, shaking it up like a snow globe.

I’m not a fan of yellow, to be honest, but I kind of got over it. Golden Egg is so yellow that it’s hard to ignore. It didn’t matter in the end. The smell of this product is so beautiful that the colour of the bath water was completely at the back of my mind. It has a toffee scent – it’s super sugary and super sweet. It smells slightly chocolatey too.

Lush Review Golden Egg Bath BombLush Review Golden Egg Bath Bomb

Overall, I’d completely recommend snapping up this product before it’s gone for another full year. The golden colour of the water, the clouds of glitter, the toffee scent and the moisturising abilities are all as wonderful as each other. Lovely!


Have you tried this product?

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