Saturday’s Super Six | Beauty Things I’m Rubbish At

Beauty lovers, try not to hate me. I promise it’s not my fault – I didn’t fall into beauty loving groups of friends when I was younger, my mum isn’t the greatest fan of make-up and I’ve always had very sensitive skin. I wasn’t taught. Beauty was never a priority.

As I grew older, though, I did start to try. My make-up routine began to include a little bit of blush. Before this, my full-face of make-up would be mascara on my top lashes and if I was feeling bold, a bit of liquid eye liner. Skin make-up, though!? I felt like such a rebel.

Beauty Blogging Things I'm Rubbish At

I then eventually braved into the world of red lipstick. In both cases, I never ventured any further than that. I once used a facial moisturiser, that turned out to be one of those gradual tan creams. I went out in public like that… Yeah, I never dipped my toe into that end of the facial make-up ever again.

I’d like to think my avoidance of make-up is the reason I don’t get spots! But, hey, it might not be.

Make-up isn’t the only beauty thing I’m rubbish at though…


Beauty Things I’m Rubbish At:

  1. Foundation and Contouring:

My full face of make-up is pretty embarrassingly small in comparison to a lot of other ladies and gentlemen. Mascara and liquid eye liner are my go-to pieces if I choose to wear make-up at all. Did I mention I’m 21, not 81? A bit of red lipstick is appropriate if I’m feeling fancy. That’s about it. Imagine my horror when contouring became a thing. I felt/feel so… unfashionable? ugly? not put together? I can’t decide.

I completely envy those who can contour like the best. It’s impressive and, when done correctly, is definitely an art form. You can change your face, completely! Insane.

2. Selfies:

Nope. I just can’t do them properly at all… I don’t get it. I get so bummed out looking at my own face.

3. Eyebrows:

Eyebrows are such a big deal nowadays. It’s pretty well spoken in the beauty world that without good eyebrows you’re nothing, not pretty, not keeping up with the times, or whatever.

It never happened for me! Those sculpted brows, wow, seriously, they can look fantastic. But, they can also look like slugs, and I never risked it. Knowing me, I’d end up with horrible slugs and I wouldn’t want the embarrassment of being told I can’t do them properly!

4. Current Fashion:

Well, considering my style focuses primarily on 1950’s, maybe even 1940’s, fashion.. it’s pretty hard for me to stay on trend. Luckily, for a tiny little while, vintage fashion was kind of a thing. It came and went pretty quickly though so I was kicked backed out into the unfashionable realm.

And yes, I used realm thinking about Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Wow.

5. Moisturising:

I was always told by my mum and nanna how important moisturising is for your skin, but I didn’t really follow their advice. It was only in my twenties, and that’s literally only 2 years, that I began to worry about saggy, horrible, dry, elderly skin in the future.

Maybe if I’d have started at 12, like they suggest, I’d be as smooth as a babies bum at 60, like my nanna.

I always forget though… I’m so busy, or tired, or lazy. But, I do try!

6. Hair Styles:

Not wearing make-up doesn’t bother me, really, so this one is probably my most regrettable beauty mistake. I can’t style my hair.

You’ll see me, every day, with my pretty average, straightened, red hair. Maybe, my hair will be tucked behind my left ear. On special occasions, I might be fancy and curl the bottoms but oh my, it must be a pretty special occasion for that.

I don’t ever wear my hair up, because I hate (with an absolute raging passion) my right ear. I don’t wear my hair back, in a head band etc., because I hate my forehead. Every single hair style involves showing your ears, forehead or super thick model hair.

Straight hair, it is!


What beauty things are you rubbish at?

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23 thoughts on “Saturday’s Super Six | Beauty Things I’m Rubbish At

  1. You are further ahead than I πŸ˜‚ nothihg touches this face but moisturiser (spelling?) As for selfies. Let me tell you this, I never knew how to take them now I kindda like them even though I don’t post them anywhere. Ok that makes me sound creepy πŸ˜‘ #iamnot πŸ˜‚

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  2. Selfies are stupid. Sorry, folks, but there’s my view. πŸ˜›

    When it comes to makeup, I think a lot of it is a cultural thing. Personally, I was never very impressed with lots of makeup at once… A few bits, well-applied, is much more pretty to look at. I don’t often wear makeup, largely because I have kids and not much free time, and I don’t work out of the home right now, so most of the time, who’s going to see me?

    One of these days, I will start preparing for those sagging eyelids (since I am well over 30 – but not saying just how far!)

    Luckily I seem to have good genes in a lot of ways…I look younger than I am, anyway, which can be a good or a bad thing.

    When it comes to my hair, because it’s naturally curly (and a pain in the behind), I’ve struggled to get it to where I can just wash it and style it in 5 minutes (did I mention kids?), and be content with it. But that’s not working anymore, so I need to figure out another approach…


  3. We are the same. Like you, I was a late bloomer when it came to makeup and fashion. I didn’t start wearing makeup until college, and only in the past couple of years have I started feeling like I actually knew what I was doing (I turn 30 next year, ha)! But it’s fun to experiment and view your face as a canvas, remembering of course that simplicity is beauty, and we are beautiful regardless of what we’re wearing on our faces. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s lovely! I don’t quite feel like I know what I’m doing yet, but that could be because what I’m doing it very minimal. With things I’m unfamiliar with, such as foundation, I’d be completely at a loss! I don’t mind though :).
      I like experimenting with lip colours the most, although I haven’t found a colour other than red that I think suits me ha!

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  4. I spent about twenty quid on an eyebrow-filling-in kit which now sits at the bottom of my makeup bag. What do I do instead? Brown eyeshadow!

    (but seriously, where did filling in our eyebrows come from?! Why is it a thing we’re expected to do? I will never understand!)

    (also just found you in the nerdybloggers chat – loving your blog so far! Instant follow :D)

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  5. Whoops! It’s cheap, cheerful and takes like two seconds to darken them a bit (Just so they match my hair…y’know, priorities) but I still feel a bit mad filling them in at all! Like how have we reached this point as people?! Haha.

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    • I know what you mean! Some things, like foundation for your complexion or wanting paler skin, I can understand because of how desirable those features were in the past! Having perfectly filled, sharp, dark eyebrows though… I just can’t work it out :p.


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  7. Oh myy!! I am glad that girls like you exist πŸ˜€ My makeup does not go beyond lipstick/lipgloss and eyeliner too :\ I adore makeup blogs and stylists and photos but somehow, contouring and concealing and primers have all been alien to my makeup kit! I am scared if it will break me out! And about moisturising, like you now I am a lil afraid that I better do it religiously now that 30s are dangerously closing on me. But yet to find that perfect moisturiser :\ Do share if you can recommend sme brand πŸ™‚

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