My Blogging Essentials

Hey hey, lovelies!

I’m pretty sure that every blogger has their own list of blogging essentials that they simply can’t write without. It’s definitely something that will differ for each person – I’ve known people that can only write on their tablets or iPads, people who can’t blog anywhere other than home and people who handwrite each post twice before typing it up digitally. Everyone is different :).

Blogging Writing Stock Photograph

So whether you’re thinking of starting your own or you just want to nosey into someone else’s process, I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak behind the scenes of my blog.



Okay, I guess this is a pretty obvious addition to the list but, like I previously said, other people use their phones, tablets or notebooks to write up blog posts. I just can’t!

I’ve actually tried drafting posts on my phone and my iPad but I become much more easily distracted (emails, Twitter, Instagram etc.) than I do when I’m writing on my laptop. I never gave hand writing my posts a go, because I just know that won’t work for me. I like to cut and paste sections of my writing a lot when I’m drafting, and that’s just not achievable when using pen and paper.

I’m a digital kind of girl.

Work Space Laptop Blogging


My camera is my third eye, third arm, lifeline. We’re joint at the hip in daily life, so there’s no surprise it’s a major part of my blog writing process too. Most (I can’t say all because there’s over 200 of them…) of my posts contain my own photographs, with the most obvious examples being the My Day in Photos feature, lifestyle posts and reviews.

I own a Canon EOS 750D with the generic 18-55mm kit lens and the 75-300mm telephoto zoom lens. Kit lens is used for daily snaps, home life, days out around the city/park and blog photography, whilst my telephoto zoom lens comes with me for the big days out specifically to take photographs such as my trip to Beverley Minster or Windermere.


Tweaking my photographs is just one of Photoshop’s uses. All of my header images and blog graphics, such as my divider, are made in Photoshop so it’s actually a huge part of my blog process. After writing each post, I take a specific image – generally, it’s a striking, memorable or colourful one – then drag it into my template and make my header image.

My editing process is also pretty standard and simple – maybe levels, maybe saturation, maybe shadows/highlights and maybe brightness/contrast. The bulk of all that should be done when shooting the image itself. Why take a photograph you know is too bright or too dark? Just tweak your manual settings!

Mobile Phone:

I use my mobile to keep on top of social media, check notifications and post the odd self-promotional “come and check out my blog” tweets. I also reply to the majority of blog comments on my phone because it’s way handier than having to set up your laptop all over again!

My phone is also my portable blog library. I very rarely read other blogs on my laptop (too clunky) so it’s always easier and more relaxing to catch up with all my favourite blogs on my phone. Probably in bed…

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mobile Phone


Ugh, I cannot focus without my snacks. I get so hangry. Side note: did you know that’s been added to the Oxford Dictionary? My favourite writing snacks are grapes, sweets and many cups of tea. I’m so worried that the amount of tea I drink is verging on completely unhealthy – if anything, it’s going to absolutely ruin my teeth! I need to start weaning myself off it, I guess.

Blogging makes me so hungry. More likely, I’m being greedy, but I can’t help it! I want chips. I want potato salad. I want sliced apples. Mmmm…

Music or TV:

I just can’t blog in silent, professional environments! How weird is that?

The majority of my posts are actually written whilst watching my current TV shows during the week, and pretty much all my weekend posts are written alongside Absolute radio – my favourite radio station of all time. I don’t know how I had any level of concentration before I found the wondrous Absolute Classic Rock and Absolute 80’s. THE BEST.

Me and Matt are currently going through a whole TV rewatch period by watching Supernatural (again) and Game of Thrones (again). Because I know the story, I don’t become too overly engrossed and it doesn’t slow my writing down. Instead, I kind of get a bit pumped.


Honestly, everything is better when a cat sits on your knee.

Cat Lady Cat Cuddles Blogging

I write like this most nights! Harley is such a mummy’s girl.


What are you blogging essentials?

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You can read my previous post here.


42 thoughts on “My Blogging Essentials

  1. I find WordPress’ app kind of difficult for writing. I guess it’s doable if you’re always on the go but since I’m not, I use my laptop always. Sometimes I’ll start a post in my iPhone’s notes and save it as a draft with the WP app but all of the editing and finishing is done via desktop.

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    • I always use a mouse with my laptop too, I can’t stand using it without one!
      I thought it seemed like an odd idea to hand write twice, but she found it to help her focus more and then she could quickly type it up without much thought afterwards. Whatever works :D.

      Thanks for stopping by!x


  2. Everything *is* better with cats, period, agreed. πŸ™‚

    I generally just go to it on my computer/laptop (depending on what’s working and what’s broken, what’s available — I’m competing with 2 other people for access, after all).

    Once I thought about writing out ideas in a notebook or something, but I’m poor, and I prefer to write my short stories/novellas etc. by hand, so I need to save my notebooks/journals for that.

    Sometimes I’m able to put music on, but again, the whole other people around thing… πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      • When it’s just me and the Little Man, I often put music on, and leave it on while he’s napping (just turn it down)… Then I can do what I want while music is on. When the whole family’s home, though, it can be a real juggling thing. One person wants to use the computer, another wants to watch TV, the toddler wants absolutely whatever he wants…

        Liked by 1 person

      • I never had my own computer until I was an adult. And even then, there were child duties, chores, errands, phone calls, etc. that often got in the way. Well, yeah, life. πŸ˜› I don’t have to like it, though! πŸ˜‰

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  3. This is all really useful and totally agree that it’s not the typical tips! Love that you blog in a comfy way as that’s exactly what I do (curled up in an armchair with a blanket and cuppa!). I’ve always needed music/background noise when working/writing too! It’s crazy weird if it’s silent! Love it all, I totally need to catch up with photoshopping skills!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m glad you find it useful!
      I’m the same when I’m revising/working. I need music but I can’t focus with lyrics in my ears so my go-to is classical music.
      Do you own Photoshop? I do already but I didn’t know there was a pay monthly type contract that they offer which would have been useful to know at the time! It’s called Adobe Cloud I think, if that helps :).


      • Same although I find myself drifting off with most classical/study playlists, haha! I tend to listen to a lot of acoustic instrumentals or movie soundtracks as they’re usually more upbeat and exciting without the lyrics.

        I do!! Well, CS4 that is, but i’m hoping there’s not much different other than cloud support. I’ve done the occasional like binge day of trying to figure it out but there is just SO MUCH you can do it’s crazy! I think when I get a proper DSLR i’ll have more incentive to crack on though. Coding is another massive skill i’d love to master (but i’m sure you already have that covered!).

        Liked by 1 person

      • I do that too :D. Photoshop is something I’d love to tinker with a lot more too – I have a lot of Photoshop tutorial posts planned for the future that you might like :).
        And yes, I do have that covered :p. I love that you knew! πŸ˜€ Very satisfying, but almost impossible to master. Technology and programming languages are constantly (literally) changing!


      • Ooh thanks for the heads up! There was the one time I learnt how to make GIFs on photoshop but I think I have since completely forgotten… I think I need to give my blog some TLC but then studies get in the way *sigh*. Haha of course! I’m a new follower but loving your blog so far. I’m always looking for fellow science/geeky people anyhow on the blogosphere. I thought I was doing well with code academy but then my other half (maths undergrad, aspiring computer science masters) informed me that it’s baby steps in a very complicated world! We’ll see how it goes lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t actually ever learnt how to do that :p! I want to though.
        Aw I am really pleased you like my blog. It’s lovely to hear. I still feel like such a newbie sometimes. πŸ™‚ I love finding fellow geeky bloggers too. We same so rare!
        Ahh that’s great. I tell everyone about Code Academy! It seems like if you flourish and enjoy coding there, at least you know you can do it :D.


    • I used a Canon at college, and that’s what my photography teacher used so it kinda just stuck :). Since owning my own Canon, I’ve found there’s a lot of cheaper alternatives when it comes to lenses too.

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  4. It was mostly video editing rather than photo really but at least it was something πŸ˜„. Well we both started at the same time by the looks of it and you’ve done amazingly well considering! You can definitely tell when people put in an effort 😊.

    Haha well I can write basic basic html as in changing a header font colour but again – at least it’s something! πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

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