How To Organise Your Wire Drawer

If you own any electric device at all, I’m pretty sure you’ve got one of these drawers somewhere in your house. Generally, they’re a big old, tangled, unorganised mess too. Or is that just me?

The wire drawer is a secret that people don’t talk about, yet it’s constantly lingering over us with its mystery cables and unknown wires from phones you owned in 2005. You want to find a USB charger for your Samsung phone, but instead you end up with a Poundshop knock-off that broke last year. You search for your printer plug, but you instead you end up with the charger for your keyboard, that’s gathering dust somewhere in the loft… Yeah, the wire drawer can be a bit of a chaotic place if you haven’t tidied it up in the last decade or so.

I’ve always liked to think of myself as a hugely organised and efficient kind of gal, yet somehow my wire drawer has slipped through the net. It’s about time that changed, and I’ve got a fantastic little life-hack for you today.

You’ll never have to go rooting through your drawer searching for a lost wire ever again.

DIY Organise Your Wire Drawer Life Hack


So, how can you try this yourself?

Materials you’ll need:

  • A light coloured washi tape
  • A dark coloured pen or permanent marker
  • Scissors

DIY Organise Your Wire Drawer Life Hack

1. Cut off a section of washi tape, approximately 10cm long. It needs to be long enough to be folded in half and still have enough room to write the wire’s use on it.

2. Lay the tape sticky side up on a surface, and place your wire in the middle.

3. Fold the two sides of the washi tape around the wire, sticking them together.

4. Using your dark coloured pen, write down what that wire is for.

5. Wrap up the wire neatly, and store it back in your (newly organised!) wire drawer.

Tip: Like me, if you’re a bit unsure what that very important and very familiar wire is for, just stick “unknown” on it. If, one day, you remember then the washi tape is super easy to remove so you can replace it’s label.

DIY Organise Your Wire Drawer Life HackDIY Organise Your Wire Drawer Life HackDIY Organise Your Wire Drawer Life Hack


I hope this helps if you ever feel like tidying up your secret unorganised wire drawer!

What do you think?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

9 thoughts on “How To Organise Your Wire Drawer

  1. We have a colossal unit full of cables for all sorts of things in the junk room at home, and I have to admit – I cheat when putting wires away. I bung things of the same type, or purpose into zip-lock bags. We have a bag of USB cables, a bag of memory sticks, a bag of chargers… you get the idea. For old phones I try and put the phone, it’s charger, and any other bits and bobs in the same bag.

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  3. Yes, after years of finding cords/cables and not knowing what they were for, I started this a few years ago. Although, I am not so organized as to have them on in one spot. At least with a label on it I know what it is for. But I better get to the “unknown” label because I still have all those wires/cords/cables from the electronics I had before I started this!

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