What Does The Fox Say?

Okay, I’ll give you a little bit of back story first, otherwise you’re going to think I’m incredibly weird…

I was watching Glee. More specifically, S5 E7 “Puppet Master” where Blaine goes a little crazy and makes Muppet puppets before the episode comes to a close with their cover of “What Does The Fox Say?” – that super viral, weird sounding song from 2013. I used to hate it, but for some unknown reason (possibly that the Glee cast sang it, possibly that I love foxes) when I heard it recently I thought it was so good. It drove me to hysterics and I just can’t get it out of my head! A little word of warning, you shouldn’t take life too seriously if you’re going to go and listen to that song right now… I’m telling you, it’s weird.

Anyway, it made me think… what does the fox actually say?

Fox Photography

I don’t know about you, but the fox’s call was always a mystery to me. I like to think of them as beautiful cat/dog hybrids (not literally, yes, I know) with fantastic bushy tails. Does that mean they meow or purr? Do they bark? I had no idea. Cows moo, chickens cluck, fish blub… but I couldn’t imitate a fox, and to be honest, a life where you can’t imitate one of your favourite animals is a very sad life to live.

I even used to think they were silent. Ha. Oh, how very wrong I was. Turns out, this is what the fox says:

So, the song isn’t as random as I once thought and foxes aren’t as silent as I once thought. There we go – you learn something new every day!


Did you already know what a fox sounds like?

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21 thoughts on “What Does The Fox Say?

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  2. Yup, I already knew what a fox or foxes say. I looked it up or came across some recordings (needing some blog material) back in 2013. Thanks for reminding me of this song. Hilarious.

    Not as hilarious as Tight Pants!

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