Lush Review | Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

Fluffy Egg is a beautiful, bright pink bath bomb from Lush’s Easter range, which sadly means it’s not going to be around for much longer. Before we get too into this, I have to tell you, if you are as head over heels for the Snow Fairy scent as me, then you seriously need to get your bums down to Lush and stock up on these bad boys before it’s too late.

That’s right. You heard me. This is a bath bomb that smells exactly like the Christmas favourite, Snow Fairy, that you thought you had to wait a whole year to get your fix of.

The Snow Fairy products have a candy floss and sweet bubblegum scent – it’s absolutely incredible, and is without a doubt the best thing you’ll ever smell if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Fluffy Egg Lush Easter Range Bath Bomb Review

It’s a stunning little thing, and it’s actually one of the  cheapest (if not, the cheapest) Lush bath bomb I’ve ever bought, with a price of £2.95. It’s the perfect alternative to an Easter egg this year, and it would be an incredible treat for your cruelty free and vegan friends.

Chuck this product into your bath, and it’s gunna fizz away pretty fast. It doesn’t do anything, unlike the more interesting bath bombs such as Intergalactic or The Experimenter, and instead leaves the bath a bright, constant shade of pink with the lingering (and so incredibly sweet you’ll want to eat your own arms) Snow Fairy scent.

Fluffy Egg Lush Easter Range Bath Bomb ReviewFluffy Egg Lush Easter Range Bath Bomb ReviewFluffy Egg Lush Easter Range Bath Bomb Review

Amazingly, because the bath water is so lovely and pungent, the smell remains in your hair all day. All I wanted to do was swish my hair like the hair shampoo models, whispering to myself “because I’m worth it”.

Now to the negatives, and although they’re few, they do exist. I found that this product left a pink stain ring around the bath. It was easy to remove, but it didn’t look very pleasant when you’re laid there trying to enjoy yourself! Also, I didn’t feel any positive effects on my skin, such as softness or moisturisation. Instead, it seems that Fluffy Egg is a good old scent and colour based bath bomb. That’s not necessarily a bath thing though – you can’t have it all!


Have you tried Fluffy Egg, or any of the Lush Easter range?

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