Saturday’s Super Six | Animated Disney Movies (Part 1/2)

I genuinely thought that this would be easy. I had a mental list of my favourite Disney movies at the ready, yet when it came to writing this post my mind flooded with movies. I quickly noted them all down, before realising that my Saturday’s Super Six couldn’t exactly feature 16 Disney movies…

Eventually, I narrowed it down to 12, and thought to myself “sod it, I’ll make it a two-parter.” You can’t ever get enough Disney in your life.

Disney Up Background

I’ll be combining Disney and Disney Pixar movies, because they’re all owned by Disney anyway, and I’m also numerically ranking these movies for the first time in the history of this blog feature! How hard can that be? P.S After ranking them, I can tell you the answer is very.

So, here’s the first half of my Saturday’s Super Six animated Disney movies!


12. Brother Bear

Brother Bear Disney

I can’t remember watching Brother Bear for the first time, but I do remember watching it over and over again after that! The movie is based around the consequences of killing animals, a lot like a game I recently reviewed called The Deer God actually. It’s full of cute bears and a deceivingly light-hearted story.

11. Brave

Brave Disney Movie

Genuinely, I almost wrote “This is a really recent Disney movie” until I horrifically remembered it’s been 4 years since it was released! Slow down, life…

Anyway, Merida is a fantastic Disney princess who completely broke away from the stereotypical princesses that we’ve been so used to. She’s a Scottish, ginger, defiant, courageous princess who wants to find her own way in life. It’s great, and definitely worth a watch.

10. Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 Disney Movie

Another completely different Disney movie! If you haven’t heard of Baymax and his adorable fist bump (balalalala) then you need to integrate yourself back into Disney, and if you don’t want to do that then why are you even reading a Disney blog post!?

Big Hero 6 is an American and Japanese cultural cross-over (hence it’s setting of San Fransokyo) full of technology and so many feels. I love it. I feels like it needs to be higher on the list… but then I see what’s higher on the list and I don’t even know.

9. Wall-E

Wall-E Disney Movie

Ugh, Wall-E is so damn cute. If you haven’t seen it (you should!), it’s a story about a generation of future humans, who became so lazy and reliant on technology that they live their lives in mobile chairs, and have completely destroyed Earth with only one tiny plant left in all of human existence. Charming? Or scarily relevant to the path us destructive monsters are heading? You decide.

It’s a great story. It’s full of lovable characters. It even has a catch phrase and who doesn’t want one of those? Waaaaall-eeeeeee.

8. Up

Up Disney Movie

Everyone shed a tear when Up ripped out our hearts in the opening montage of Carl and Ellie’s life. I don’t think anybody expected them to throw the saddest ever animated scene in at the beginning of a movie! Evil.

Once you get past the heartbreak, Up is a beautiful story about an old man going on an (let’s face it, probably his last) adventure. It even has a talking dog. I think that sells it alone.

7. Frozen

Frozen Disney Movie

LET IT GO… LET IT GO! It doesn’t matter if you say you hate that song (you’re all liars), if it comes on you’re gunna sing it with me. It’s incredible. Idina Menzel is incredible.

Frozen is a love story between two sisters, which alone is completely cute. Watching it for the first time was a bit of a shock to the system… It’s like “where are the stereotypically sexist standards that Disney princesses always have to live up to?” Nope. Anyway, I shouldn’t even have to explain why Frozen is on my list – it’s amazing and sassy and snowy.

Honourable mention:


Lava is a beautiful short Pixar movie, that me and Matt originally saw at the cinema before the screening of Inside Out. It made me cry like a little baby. It’s so insanely cute, and if you haven’t listened to the song from this short movie, then you seriously need to. Perfect.


Next week I’ll be counting down my 6 all-time favourite Disney movies!

Which Disney movies do you love?

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22 thoughts on “Saturday’s Super Six | Animated Disney Movies (Part 1/2)

  1. Brave is one of the best animated feature films in the past 10 years…and I think one of modern Disney’s (post -1990) best, period. I so LOVE Brave, and happily re-watch it (and yes, I am well over 21….) And I still cry when Merida saves the day (despite knowing what’s going to happen, and, yes, being all grown-up!).

    (Really hoping I don’t make your choices harder, or throw in some wrenches to already-made decisions)… My all-time favorites from my childhood were Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. From among the newer releases, I haven’t really been excited by much (guess I’m pickier now as an adult!). But Big Hero 6 was certainly enjoyable, and different, and great for being “not in the mold”. My son did enjoy Up, and he recently saw Monsters Inc. for the first time. 🙂

    Apart from Brave, I think Tangled is my updated favorite of the princess choices. 🙂

    Oh, and “Fuuuuzzy baby.” 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      • No. My children watched them and I bought the movies for them but I never watched them. I did buy the song from that Shrek (?) movie but I didn’t watch. I have no idea why I don’t watch them….or have absolutely no interest in watching them….probably some deep, dark happening from childhood…or adulthood. LOL


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