Lush Review | Which Came First?

A bath bomb with instructions is always fun. “Which Came First?” is one of Lush’s hit products in their Easter range, and I was so, so excited to finally get my hands on it. I heard it had a special something inside and I couldn’t resist. This giant egg shaped bomb, surprise surprise, has a tiny little chick bath bomb cosily concealed in the centre of it.

Which Came First Lush Easter Range Bath Bomb Review

With it’s large size and very hefty price tag (£7.95), which is double the regular price of a bath bomb, it’s advertised as a multiple-use product. If you want to treat yourself, it’s perfectly acceptable to throw the entire bomb into the bath but to make it last, it’s suggested you crack open the egg into two halves to reveal the chick. Then, each half and the chick can be used individually in three separate baths.

In theory, that’s fantastic as you would end up getting so much more for your money. In reality, it wasn’t quite that simple. When I cracked open my egg, it disintegrated all over the kitchen sides. The chick was revealed, but it was left in a nest of pink (albeit beautifully smelling) dust. There was no way I could have split the egg itself into two separate baths, so I chucked the whole lot in, after scooping the dust into my hands, and saved the chick for another time.

Which Came First Lush Easter Range Bath Bomb ReviewWhich Came First Lush Easter Range Bath Bomb Review

When dropped into the bath, the bath bomb itself isn’t anything particularly spectacular. It smelt great (very mild but quite refreshing), but it can’t compare with some other Lush scents. It doesn’t actually do much in the bath either. It kind of just faded away – no fizz, no movement, no concoction of colours… It’s just very pink. A lovely, simple pink. Honestly, I was disappointed. Because of its size and the hype surrounding it, I just eggspected (Wow, I really did just make an egg pun) a lot more. “Which Came First?” seems like a bit of a novelty product.

Which Came First Lush Easter Range Bath Bomb ReviewWhich Came First Lush Easter Range Bath Bomb Review

If you want to have a bit of a play, cracking open an egg shaped bath bomb, and then finish with a couple of pretty nice smelling, pretty nice looking baths then it’s great.

If you want to experience something incredible, like Frozen or Intergalactic, you might be disappointed.

However, I’ve only used the pink outer shell and the little chick is tucked away in my Lush collection for another time. We’ll see if that makes up for it in the future – it would have to do something pretty bloody spectacular for that tiny chick bath bomb to live up to my expectations though!


Have you tried this Easter exclusive yet?

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12 thoughts on “Lush Review | Which Came First?

    • Thanks :). Yeah, in this case it didn’t look very great but it did smell okay :).
      I always like honest reviews on my blog (even though I feel so mean being negative about Lush) because lying about a product I’ve tried helps no one!

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