DIY Easter Bunny Bookmark

Easter is just around the corner!

The kids are breaking off for the Easter holidays in the next couple of weeks and everyone else is in for a treat with the March bank holiday – I have my fingers crossed for some sun! Whether you’re a bit of a crafty grown-up or you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, this DIY project is a perfect way to pass the time if the March weather isn’t as kind to us as we’ve all been hoping.

My most popular blog post (by absolute miles) has been my DIY Bookmark Monsters project from last September. I’ve since vowed to myself that I’d do some for Halloween, Christmas and even Valentines Day but I never got around to it. Those holidays pass too quickly. Easter, though, is perfect. Spring reignites all kinds of passions, hobbies and interests in me so when else would be so fitting to get back on that craft bandwagon?

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The monsters were great, but Easter needs something a bit more fluffy and relevant. I didn’t want to stick with the simple white bunny, so I made a super glam, sparkly gold and pink bunny, because I really wanted a glam, sparkly gold and pink bunny bookmark… Of course.

DIY Easter Bunny Bookmark Holiday Craft


For a super detailed step-by-step on how to create these bookmarks, take a look at my original DIY bookmark post. Once you’ve got the hang of the process, the steps are transferable to any animal, character, person or object you can imagine.

So, how did I create my Easter Bunny corner-eating bookmark?

1: Begin by measuring out 3 connecting squares. My bookmarks are the perfect size for my little hands and little books, measuring at 2.5inches x 2.5inches.

Try your absolute hardest to get these measurements precise, as the folds of your bookmark will be quite noticeable if you have mismatched-sized edges.

DIY Easter Bunny Bookmark Holiday Craft

2: You don’t need the outermost halves of the right and left squares. Draw a diagonal line from their top corners to the corresponding corners of the centre square. Cut out what is left of your shape.

DIY Easter Bunny Bookmark Holiday Craft

3. Score along the diagonal lines and fold them both towards the centre square to create a pocket. Glue or stick the top half to the bottom half, but don’t stick the bottom half to the centre square!

4: If you want to use a textured or patterned paper (such as gold texture, tiger stripes or snake scales), you can now cut out the perfect sized shapes and stick them on to your bookmark.

DIY Easter Bunny Bookmark Holiday Craft

5: Make all of the bits and bobs, such as facial features, to attach to your bookmark! For the bunny, you’ll need eyes, ears, a nose and big rabbit teeth.

  • The eyes were created with two sized cuts of thick paper, stuck on top of each other then coloured in black for the pupil. (Tip: Use a compass or stick on some 3D googly eyes!)
  • The ears were created using three layers. A layer of pink card, covered in the exact same sized gold paper and topped with the inner ear of pink card.
  • The nose is simply a nose-shaped bit of pink card, and the giant tooth is a piece of white card with a black line down the centre.

DIY Easter Bunny Bookmark Holiday Craft

6: Stick all of the facial features on to your bunny and he’s ready to go!

DIY Easter Bunny Bookmark Holiday Craft

The corner bookmarks can be used two different ways. Place them inside your book like a regular bookmark, or slip them onto the corners of the bookmarked paged.

The bunny is particularly good as a corner bookmark because you can see their cute little ears popping out the book once it’s closed!


I hope you enjoyed this little project, and if you end up trying it out for yourself over the Easter break I’d love to see what you made.


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You can read my previous post here.


Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

17 thoughts on “DIY Easter Bunny Bookmark

  1. My God you’re crafty 😲 this is awesome! Dare I try? Hmm. Maybe I should though I don’t have physical books anymore now that I have joined the Kindle era. Also, how do you make your title header thingies? They make everything looks so neat! Is it an app? 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tam :).
      Thanks! Glad you like them! I think you should try them. You could use them on text books or school books or something if you don’t read physical books anymore!

      I make each header on Photoshop but any similar photo editing software (like Gimp which is free) would work fine too :). Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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