So, Why Rose Quartz?

For almost 8 years, Rose Quartz has been a playful little nickname of mine. It has featured as my online user name for almost everything through the years, from my Steam Account to my Goodreads account.

I guess it’s a bit random though, if you don’t know the context behind it. It’s been over a month since I changed my blog name and URL to The Rose Quartz, but I still haven’t explained the meaning behind my new name! So, let me.

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Below my ribcage, I have a birthmark around the size of a golf ball. Although it used to be a lot darker in colour, more like a shade of purple, over the years it’s faded and now just looks like a bruise. It is pink though! It’s not even like “hmm, maybe you could call that pink…” shade of pink, it’s just properly pink. On top of that, it’s a weird shape. It’s like a jagged rock.

You see what I’m getting at here? Rose quartz is a very beautiful semi-precious stone, that’s naturally quite jagged and, as you probably guessed, pink.

Rose Quartz Semi Precious Stone

Yeah, so my nickname, user name, blog name and blog URL are all named after a pretty little birthmark that I have on my stomach, which in turn was named after a semi-precious stone. What a mouthful that is.

I’ve actually had a few issues with it, despite it being pretty cute looking (well, I think so anyway). The skin is thinner under my birthmark, and it’s right along the “sit-down-stomach-crease” so it’s repeatedly bent and moved throughout the day. It’s quite painful day to day but when something hits me in the stomach or a cat/dog walks onto my belly and gets their paws right in the hole I could cry. It’s a pain I couldn’t even try to explain and it makes me feel physically sick. The doctor doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it though – just a malformation of the muscle and unlucky placement!


What’s the meaning behind your blog name and/or blog URL?

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You can read my previous post here.


Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

16 thoughts on “So, Why Rose Quartz?

  1. Finally I know what it’s all about. I guessed it had some meaning. Interesting post Morgan, I’ve also not heard of a birthmark being so sensitive until now.
    Hope you’re good my fellow geek!

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  2. Now I know. Mine was a failed concept. I was going to recap the week and post only on Fridays, I didn’t want to change it because people started reading it and got used to the name. Now it is just stupid, but that’s okay.

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  3. Maybe it’s just the parent in me, but don’t let the doctor tell you “it’s fine” if it really bothers you. See if there’s some way you can get a second opinion…or if you can look into “alternatives,” like massage therapy or acupuncture, etc.

    The Invisible Moth was suggested as part of a “random generator” of screen names that I looked at a while back, to try to get a decent idea for my screen name. I didn’t want to just use my real name (partly for privacy reasons), but also I wanted something that was a little more eye-catching.


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