Reasons To Love Spring

Whenever it’s autumn, I always fuss about how it’s my favourite season. I coo over the romantic walks in crispy leaves, the candles, the colours and its proximity to Christmas! At the time, it’s perfect. Then we have to trawl through a couple more months of winter and the romanticising of autumn is forgotten.The January Blues are like a giant kick in the backside after a season full of sweetness, reminding us autumn has long gone.

Spring doesn’t do that to us though. Once we’ve had our fill of fresh breezes, crisp blue skies and nature’s spring bloom, we’re met with summer. Even if there isn’t much sun – I do live in England, after all – summer brings with it a smile on almost everyone’s face.

So, I’m going to change my mind. I think spring is my favourite season. (I bet you come September, I’ll have changed my mind all over again!)

My Favourite Things About Spring


Without a doubt, my favourite thing about the spring season is reintroducing myself to nature. Spring is so pretty. The parks, woodlands, fields and even footpaths are filled with colourful flowers, birds and squirrels. I feel like a Disney princess sometimes. It’s all so beautiful.


Fresh Air:

Now the weather isn’t as icy cold, getting out on the weekends is something to look forward to. Fresh air makes me feel so healthy too.

Positivity and Smiles:

I’m not too sure what it is about spring that makes me feel so uplifted, but it just does. It’s either the passing of the winter blues, the beauty of nature or the bit of sun we get. All three of those makes me happy.

Spring Colours:

The greys and blues are gone. Spring is full of colour, whether that’s in fashion, food or nature. I always bring some colourful flowers into the home in spring.

More Local Events:

January and February are a bit closed off in terms of local events and things to do, certainly in my city. In the spring though, parks hold more events and with Easter just around the corner, I’ve found that craft fairs seem to pop up almost everywhere!

Skipton Craft Fair

Baby Animals:

I know I’ve already mentioned nature, but seriously… all the baby animals deserve their own mention on this list. Lambs are one of the sweetest looking, precious little animals in this world. It’s so lovely to see them jumping around.

That Spring Smell:

You so know the smell I’m talking about. It smells like wind and freshly cut grass and ponds. I love that smell. It reminds me of school, actually!

Lighter Nights:

Thankfully, the sun setting at 4pm has left us for another year. I’m scared of the dark so having to leave work in the darkness of night is never nice for me. It won’t be long until those 9pm jaunts to the shops are still bright though!

Sunset at East Park, Hull

Wearing Skirts:

I can’t stress enough how excited I am to feel pretty again. I always feel like such a lump in the winter, because I really couldn’t care less about looking good when there’s a super cosy coat, scarf and thermal gloves waiting for me. All those skirts and sandals in my wardrobe are just waiting eagerly to be loved again…

Going Camping:

Camping is always going to be a part of me, but you can’t really camp in the winter unless you’re a badass hiker or something. In late March/early April, I’ll be packing up and packing out once again – probably to Aldbrough. The outdoors is my favourite place to be.


Did I miss anything? What’s your favourite thing about spring?

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Photographs are my own. Β© Morgan Mills.

35 thoughts on “Reasons To Love Spring

  1. Yeah, the weather, the light, the new growth and the baby animals are all great things about spring. πŸ™‚ Normally I don’t mind weather too much…but this year was just dreary for my region. Too warm, then freezing cold (even more than usual!), not enough snow. Bleh. This year spring can’t get here fast enough for me!


  2. Spring has always been my favorite, but only in April because it is my birthday. March has always been an albotross around my neck. It used to be finals and now it is always our year end. My two favorite days of the year are always April Fools (because I love the jokes) and my birthday on the 9th of April.


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