Japanese Night In

In December, a couple of co-workers started reminiscing about Pokémon (the card game) which eventually escalated into them heading off to Waterstones to grab a couple of decks. With it being so close to Christmas, we had a bit of a half-day at work and after lunch everyone grouped together for snacks, music and Pokémon.

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I didn’t play though, because I didn’t know how. When I used to collect Pokémon cards as a kid, I just used to look at the pretty ‘animals’, see how much damage they’d do and then base their worth on whether or not it’s a shiny. The game looked fun though. It made me feel really nostalgic at first, but I then realised if you want to win the game you have to try and anticipate your opponents future moves. A bit tricky, a bit fun. Like a game of Pokémon poker.

Pokemon TCG

Matt was chuffed as hell when I told him I wanted to learn how to play. We’re both just as nostalgic, nerdy and into games so it seemed like a great idea to learn together. So, we did.

I’ve shared my thoughts on nostalgia before, because I’m insanely sentimental about my childhood. I think that’s why I was so drawn back to Pokémon despite having collected the cards over 15 years ago. Even now, I can’t help but coo over how great it would be to have all of these animals as pets. I would have sold an arm to have a Pikachu when I was a child.

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So, we recently bought a couple of Pokémon decks, and spent yesterday evening learning all of the (many, many) rules. I’m actually super surprised how quickly we picked it up. The rest of the night was spent playing. I’m currently at the top of our Pokémon leader board- 4, 1.


My childhood dream and best friend, Pikachu. Image source: Kotaku

Go big or go home, right? We don’t really do things in moderation. We find a new hobby and we drain every ounce of interest out of us, then pack the hobby away for a small while until our interest fills back to the top. I guess it’s going to be the same with this game.

We’re playing again tonight. To add to the fun, we’re making it a Japanese themed night in. It turns out there is a Japanese takeaway in our home city that does vegetarian food and delivers! What a score. Neither of us have tried Japanese food before, so we’re really looking forward to it. Did I mention Pokémon was Japanese? I don’t think I did, and I guess a Japanese themed night doesn’t make sense until you know that.

Anyway, Japanese sticky rice sounds insanely good. I hope it’s good because we’ve ordered a lot of food…

Tonight, we will eat, we will play games, we will probably have Glee (breaking the themed night in there I guess) on in the background and we’re more than likely to end it all with a bit of Absolute 80’s radio. That sounds like a great night to me.

Hope you’ve had a good day!


Are you familiar with Pokémon? Did you grow up with the cards, like I did?

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29 thoughts on “Japanese Night In

  1. I was never into Pokémon — in terms of didn’t play the game, didn’t collect the cards — but I did know it was a huge thing, I was aware of the cards, cartoon, etc. etc. I was acquainted with many small children who were fanatics. Pikachu was the Halloween costume of 2000! I’ve never been much for roleplaying games of any sort (and boy, have a few people tried to change that!), largely because I forget more than one of the rules right away, and just get frustrated trying to play.

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  2. I’ve never played Pokemon, but I have thought about buying a set of “Magic the Gathering” cards. I know a few people that have played it over the years, and it always sounds like fun.

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  3. I’m too old to remember it. for me it was more like top trumps with supercars. But I know what you mean about things we like, we wear them to death until we’re sick of them. I don’t know why… is it a geek thing do you think?

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