My Day in Photos | Windermere

Over the weekend, me and Matt decided to go on a last minute coach trip that would take us up to both Skipton and to Windermere. Because we don’t drive, coach trips are just perfect for us. The price is inclusive of travel, accommodation, food and, in cases when you’re heading somewhere with an entry fee such as the Harry Potter Studios, ticket prices!

Neither of us had ever been to Skipton before and we’d never visited the Lake District as a couple so this trip seemed ideal. We both absolutely love the outdoors. I can’t deal with the beauty of it all, and get way too over excited. It baffles me how many people don’t feel the same way about nature! On the coach down to Windermere, the views were insane. Mountains and snowy peaks were just there, yet the majority of the coach weren’t even phased. Unbelievable. I guess that’s an issue for another day though!

Anyway, in preparation, we went big. We wanted to make the most of this trip, and we weren’t going to let the cold or the weight of our hand luggage get in our way so we stocked up on warm jumpers and a backpack to hold all of my camera gear. Luckily, the weather was beautiful so the jumpers weren’t completely necessary but the backpack was a life saver. You’d be surprised how heavy cameras and lenses are!

When we arrived in Windermere, we pulled up by the lake (the largest in England) and were met with mountain views, the giant lake full of boats, endless trees and a bright blue sky filled with cartoon-style fluffy, white clouds. We were so lucky to have visited on such a nice day.

Lake District WindermereLake District Windermere

With only 4 hours to make the most of our time there, we forfeited a trip on the lake for a walk in the lakeside woods instead. It gave us more privacy and the time to capture some photographs and explore nature properly. We couldn’t believe our eyes to be honest, and we both felt certain that this is the place we need to end up. It felt like home. My heart was just aching with a need to live there. One day for sure.

Lake District WindermereLake District WindermereLake District Windermere

Considering we had such a short amount of time in this beautiful part of England, we definitely made the most of it. After our walk along the lake, we had a walk in the bustling town of Bowness, ate our lunch in a lakeside restaurant and had an ice-cream with the swans. It was really, really great.

Lake District WindermereLake District WindermereLake District WindermereLake District WindermereLake District WindermereLake District WindermereLake District Windermere

I was even lucky enough to find a very busy bird feeder filled with lots of tiny woodland birds! I think (because I’m certainly not a bird expert, but I did a bit of research on them) I saw a nuthatch,  a great tit, a blue tit, a robin and a wren which was a bit speedy to get a good photograph of.

I think I have a new hobby though…

Lake District Windermere Bird WatchingLake District Windermere Bird WatchingLake District Windermere Bird WatchingLake District Windermere Bird WatchingLake District Windermere Bird WatchingLake District Windermere Bird Watching

So, yeah, it was amazing.

Lake District Windermere


Have you ever been to the Lake District?

I hope you like my photos! I do.

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

(The image size has been decreased, a lot, on each photograph to speed up loading times when you open up the post.)

22 thoughts on “My Day in Photos | Windermere

  1. You need to visit Derwentwater. The hills around Keswick are stunning. We walked the Cumbria way with my in-laws years ago – 75 miles through the hills from one end to the other, stopping at guest houses each night.


  2. Ah, yes, the Lake District…it eluded me, too (trips up north were difficult because we were in the Midlands and there was the cost of train fare, and the issues of traveling with an infant). It’s definitely on my long list for places in England to visit (TARDIS-ward, ho!). Very beautiful…and you were blessed with gorgeous weather for the time of year!


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  4. You’ve got some beautiful pictures there. I’ve been to the Lake District quite a few times. I’ve ben to Windermere a few times too. It’s fuunny seeing some familiar places and those views are to die for. I want to go!


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