I’m finding it hard to believe that we’re already entering the third month of 2016. I’m pretty sure it was Christmas Eve, and I was happy and cosy under blankets with kitten cuddles and fairy lights, a couple of weeks ago. Instead, it’s almost spring and Easter is just around the corner.

I absolutely love spring. It’s finally starting to warm up, baby animals are everywhere and the streets and parks are filled with blossom and flowers. I think it’s the prettiest and most healthy season. Healthy is a weird word to use, I know, but with spring comes breathing the fresh air, spending time outdoors, lots of walking and more smiling. I just think spring is great for the mind and the body.

East Park Spring Blossom Nature Photography

However, with the good comes the bad. The arrival of spring also means we’re nearing a quarter of the way through the year… Easy now, slow down!


I think I figured out why it doesn’t feel like February. You know when you were in school and you had to write down the date each day at the top of your work books? You always knew the date. Well, I obviously don’t do that anymore and I can go days, maybe weeks, without knowing the specific date. My days merge together into a big blog of time!

Anyway, what went down in February? (If you missed it, here’s my January wrap-up):

Personal Achievements and Memorable Moments:

  • We made a blanket fort on Valentine’s Day Eve, binged on sweets and slept in the living room like big kids. It was super fun.
  • On Valentines Day, me and Matt went to Beverley for a cute walk around the town and I took lots of photos in Beverley Minster.
  • My mum cooked me a vegetarian meal for the first time! She made a potato and mushroom curry (my fave) and it was gorgeous.
  • I bought a new telephoto lens for my camera. It’s. So. Good.
  • Because of above, I was able to photograph the moon for the first time and managed to capture a great set of detailed moon shots that I’m really happy with!
  • Me and Matt on a weekend break to Skipton and Windermere. It was absolutely beautiful, and my heart aches to be back.
Lake Windermere Lake District

That view… seriously.


  • We finished season 3 of Glee, and have just started season 4. I’m starting to feel super on edge all the time, because I know the actor Cory (who plays Finn Hudson) died, but I don’t know when it was and if it was in the middle of filming Glee! Please don’t tell me though.
  • Me and Matt found ourselves instant and massive fans of YouTube stars Dan and Phil. They’re so fun.
  • After following Meg Turney on Twitter for so long, I finally found myself watching Rooster Teeth’s Free Play and they’re great. I introduced them to Matt straight away, and there we are!
  • I haven’t read any books… wow.
  • I bought the Sims 4, got briefly but immensely addicted and then it fizzled away. I feel the need for a hit of Sims slowly building up though. Be prepared, Morgan.
  • I’ve been really crafty!
  • Saturday Night Takeaway is back and my life is complete again.
  • Me and Matt bought lots of Pokémon cards.

Wow, it was a geeky month.


I didn’t write too many posts this month (in comparison to normal, anyway) because it’s been a bit of a weird month.


What was your February highlight?

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You can read my previous post here.


Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

14 thoughts on “February

  1. My February was spent completing an exercise blitz of spinning at my local gym every day for 30 days. My last day is tomorrow. I have loved it but will be glad when the 30 days end. Then, I will spin/ride 2-3 days per week. I lost a few pounds and a whole lot of stress.

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  2. My February revolved around kids stuff (my oldest’s birthday is the 15th, and the baby has some health concerns), more than usual, it felt like. But I was still able to finish a great new book (“Jackaby”), and got over some health obstacles of my own, finally starting to feel better than I have in months.
    BTW, that pic of Ivy on Instantagram is total awwwwwwww-inducing. 😀

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      • The baby will have to have some surgery, which I’m not happy about, but not much I can do besides pray for the best and to hang in there myself.
        Now that my gum infection has finally been resolved, I’m feeling better physically than I have in a long time.
        It was a quiet birthday for White Fang, but he was happy. 🙂 He got a lot of Minecraft Lego stuff, so that was considered a success. 🙂

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