Space Selfie!

Since Tim Peake (and crew) jetted off to the International Space Station, the mission has been frequently talked about on the news and on social media – in fact, Tim Peake himself regularly answers questions from his curious fans on his Facebook page! The mission has gained a lot of press, and frankly, that’s great.

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I think he’s a legend. He set out to inspire a new generation of children and has done exactly that, as well as so much more. By creating an online presence, Tim has been able to capture the hearts of kids who might never have heard of him otherwise, and I think that’s just fantastic. As well as that, he has reignited a lot of adult’s geekiness with his space Q&A’s, photographs and online friendliness. Good for him!

Anyway, have you seen his selfies lately!?

Tim Peake Photos In Space SelfieTim Peake Photos In Space Selfie

On top of everything Tim’s doing up there, he also took a Nikon D4 into space to capture all it’s glory (and my god, there’s a lot of it). He posts his images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and most impressively, because the quality looks far superior, Flickr.

If you’re a fan of photography, space, science or current events, you should definitely be keeping up with his social media channels!

Here are a few more stunning shots from his current mission:

Tim Peake Photos In Space SelfieTim Peake Photos In Space SelfieTim Peake Photos In Space Selfie

All photographs sourced from Tim Peake’s Flickr.

Space drool. Wow!


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6 thoughts on “Space Selfie!

  1. I’ve been a big fan of Chris Hadfield’s since I found out he was going to be the first Canadian Commander of the ISS. I’m now an equally big fan of Tim Peake. Awesome photos! I’m seriously jealous. I wish I could be up there, too.

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    • Great! I’ve always been a fan of space, but hadn’t found such interest in a mission/person up there until Tim.
      I think so many people do, too. Scary though, all that nothingness.

      An answer on the Q&A’s made me laugh the other day. Turns out if one of the crew got appendicitis, they’d have to “turn around” and come home. It reminded me of a cross parent having to turn the car around because of naughty children ha!


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