Lush Review | Dragon’s Egg

Alongside the just as sweet-smelling Avobath, Dragon’s Egg is one of my favourite Lush bath bombs. They both have a very similar scent, so I’m sure that’s a reason why, but I also completely love the initial simplicity of both products.

Dragon’s Egg in particular is a very plain looking bath bomb. It’s completely white, with a few specks of colour beneath it’s surface. You’d easily pass it by in store without giving it a second look, unlike some of the spectacularly colourful bombs like Intergalactic and The Experimenter that completely catch your eye. You’d be wrong to do so. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” – you should know that by now. If you’d have walked passed the simple looking Dragon’s Egg, you’d be missing out on something stunning.

Dragon's Egg Lush Bath Bomb Review

Oh, so simple. Oh, so plain.

Dragon's Egg Lush Bath Bomb Review

You’d be surprised what this plain little product produces…

After plopping it into the water, Dragon’s Egg fizzes and spins and bubbles and, thanks to the bits of popping candy, even crackles! It’s plain white surface fills to tub with a wonderfully creamy layer that feels just as soft as it looks.

The smell is what initially drew me to Dragon’s Egg in the store, and I’ve since been unable to pop in without grabbing one for my collection. It smells like lemon sherbet (you can practically taste it, it’s that distinct) and old sweet stores. Unlike a few bath bombs I’ve tried, the smell doesn’t fade. It lingers in the water throughout the entire bath, and it’s completely noticeable on the skin afterwards. Dragon’s Egg is just nose porn, and it’s fantastic.

Once the bath bomb’s simple coating has fizzed away, you’re met with a golden orange, glittery centre, and because of the product’s circular fizzing movements, you get some fantastic looking colour trails.

Dragon's Egg Lush Bath Bomb ReviewDragon's Egg Lush Bath Bomb ReviewDragon's Egg Lush Bath Bomb ReviewDragon's Egg Lush Bath Bomb Review

It’s magical. It’s full of crackling popping candy. It smells divine.


Have you tried Dragon’s Egg? What did you think?

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