Bird Watching

On Valentine’s Day, me and Matthew (unexpectedly) went to Beverley for the day. Originally, we planned to go Bridlington for a walk on the beach, chips, amusements and what not, but on the bus I took a funny turn and couldn’t stay seated in the giant metal death cage much longer – yes, I might be over-exaggerating but I was having a bad morning! Instead, we got off at the nearest town which happened to be Beverley. This was a fantastic happy accident in the end and it even ended up snowing. Context: I love snow. Not only would the beach have been the worst place to be during winter showers, but the streets of Beverley looked stunning in the snow.

As soon as (and I’m not over exaggerating, literal seconds after) we got off the bus, I saw a tiny little bird. A robin, I think. Instantly, I thought the bird was a robin, but after having a look on Google images, I’m not so sure. My bird is a lot shaggier than the smooth feathered robins on Google. Maybe my robin was having a bad day, who knows?

Urban Robin Nature Animal Photography

Here’s the little red-breasted fellow.

I heaved my new telephoto lens out of my handbag, and attached it to my camera as quickly and as quietly as I could. The little bugger was in the middle of the bus station road too, so I was not only fighting against the bird’s natural instinct to fly away but also a bus zooming around the corner and spooking it.

I was so excited. I bought my new lens specifically for nature and animal photography, and on it’s first test drive I spotted a little urban robin. How perfect! With him being so urban-adapted, he wasn’t even scared. He hopped around whilst I snapped away, with some old ladies stood behind me cooing about how sweet the little thing was.

I took dozens of snaps of my little robin friend, but you only need the one to see how lovely he is.


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