Saturday’s Super Six | Non-Clichéd Valentine’s Dates

Evening lovelies,

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It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Are you groaning or cheering? It seems like a pretty divided ‘holiday’, but personally, I enjoy it. I’m a huge romantic every single day of the year but any reason to do anything extra cute is good for me.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, then holding hands across the table at a pretty restaurant isn’t the only way to spend your night. Do something different. Here are six non-clichéd Valentine’s Date for tonight’s super six:


Do nothing:

Valentine’s Day is just another day after all. Nobody is forcing you to plaster hearts all over your living room, so just snug up with your significant other and keep on doing what you do.

Go see Deadpool at the cinema:

You know that new quirky romantic comedy that was released, about the revengeful boyfriend who loves the colour red? I kid, but seriously… if you’re both fans of films, controversy and superheroes then seeing this film together would be a fantastic use of your Sunday.

Deadpool Romcom Banner

I hope lots and lots of people fell for this poster…

Have a games tournament:

Cards, board games, console games, PC games, drinking games… whatever the choice, you get to spend a lot of time together, have fun and do it all for free!

Build a blanket fort:

Blow up an air bed, or cover the floor in pillows, and enclose yourself in a fantastical fort of blankets, fairy lights and cosiness. Add sweets and drinks then you’ve got yourself an absolute binge tent.

Wrap up warm and go to the park:

Be cute, and walk around hand in hand in nature. Take photographs of the frost/blooming flowers (bloody global warming), play on the swings like big kids!

Nature Photography

Cook a three-course meal instead of going out to a restaurant:

Choose your three favourite dishes, and cook them yourselves. Together. You won’t be restricted to only what’s on the menu, plus you’ll save yourself some money.


So, fun fact: Me and Matt have done/will be finishing off this entire list over the Valentine’s weekend. To be fair, we have pretty active weekends anyway, so we’re not running into the open arms of Valentine’s Day – we’re just insanely in love. (Try not to vomit from cuteness, I do apologise).

Happy Valentine’s Day, you!

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16 thoughts on “Saturday’s Super Six | Non-Clichéd Valentine’s Dates

  1. LOL…I’m not vomiting, but I’m sure others appreciate the apology. 🙂

    I’m not a traditional romantic…probably it’s because I’m an old married lady, and there’s no money/time/energy for even low budget and cute ideas (I love the handmade binge tent!!). But little things really tickle my fancy — when he voluntarily does the chores, without making a big deal of it; or says I can just heat up a frozen pizza for dinner on a night when I’m really beat. I’d rather know he loves me any random day of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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