5 Things I Do To Reduce Stress

Did I tell you I created a blog schedule, and that I pre-drafted a month of blog posts in advance on my Google Calender? Did I also tell you I’m only 4 days in and I messed up, missing a post already? Well, this post was supposed to go live yesterday, but I bought Sims 4… and well, I didn’t do much else yesterday.

Naughty, Morgan.

Anyway, today I want to share the small list of things I do to try and help me when I’m feeling stressed. Stress relief tactics are completely unique to the individual, and what helps me won’t necessarily help you and vice versa. I’ll never understand the people who go out for a run or do a bit of yoga when they’re feeling stressed – they’re superheroes, and I hope they know that.

I suffer from stress daily. It’s simply become a part my personality, and when it’s not merged into a concoction of other things such as anxiety or sleepiness it’s perfectly manageable. Often, though, it’s not. That’s when I throw my little list of tactics at myself, in hope of a lift out of the hole I found myself in.

Apple and Cinnamon Candle

Here’s what I do to try and help:

Have a bath:

Even if I don’t have the time, I run myself a bath and get in. It’s worth it in the end. No shock that I’ll most definitely be throwing a Lush product in there too, but submerging into incredibly hot water is my go-to move when I’m trying to calm down. Candles are optional, but preferred.

Frozen Lush Bath Bomb

Lush’s Frozen is still one of my all-time favourites.

Cook tea:

A year or so ago, I avoided cooking proper home style meals when I was feeling down or stressed, but after kind of forcing myself to when I was in need of vegetables, I actually realised how calming I find it. I love cooking, so it shouldn’t have been such a surprise, but standing over a boiling stove and chopping vegetables isn’t exactly stereotypically relaxing.

Have a cuddle:

I’m very lucky. I have a fiancé who understands me completely, and if I need to just curl up in a ball on his legs then he’s there with open arms, no questions asked. I can just stay there, watching Glee, for as long as I like. On the topic of cuddles, when Harley snuggles into my neck or when Ivy honours me with a cuddle on my knee, my stress practically melts.

Cat Lady Cat Cuddles


I love writing those ranty posts when I’m feeling stressed – oh, look, a bit like this one! Word vomit is one of the best medicines, with lovely comments from you coming in a close second.

Watch my favourite shows:

That list of shows is endless. Right now, it’s Supernatural (again) and Glee. A show for both types of stress – the mood where you want to kill the world so you watch Sam and Dean kill monsters instead, and the mood where you’re just full of feelings so you watch a bunch of people sing about theirs.


What’s your favourite way to relax?

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28 thoughts on “5 Things I Do To Reduce Stress

  1. Stress is no fun…unfortunately, I think it’s pretty much the norm for lots of people nowadays. I decided a long time ago I’m going to actively reduce my stress by simply choosing not to worry about pretty much all the small things — just focus on what really needs to be addressed — for example, does my kid fold his laundry the same way I taught him? (who cares?) vs. is he doing his homework and handing it in on a regular basis? Is he well liked in school by at least a core group of people that have his back? vs. I can’t get him to eat spaghetti sauce, period. Sometimes this point of view doesn’t always work…

    For me, I often stay in my pj’s way too long (probably shouldn’t admit to that…), and read something easy (like a YA novel), or watch a movie I know I like. Sometimes I spend too long on the computer, for example, in blogs, finding like-minded people. The cat generally takes over my lap when I’m not quite ready to stay put for an extended amount of time…but I’d so much rather have him there than not. (Can you clone Ivy and share her duplicates with your readers?) 🙂


    • Easier said than done, but that’s a great way to live. I hope to get to that stage eventually. At the moment though my thoughts are completely irrational and I’m hugely anxious about even the smallest things. Matt is an absolute saint for managing me!
      That’s fantastic! PJs are the best comforters. I’ve struggled to read in these past couple of months because I can’t concentrate, not even on simple YA books (my favourites) which is a shame!
      If I could clone my furbabies I would because they are just too precious, and they deserved to be shared with the world :).

      Hope you have a nice day!


  2. Whenever getting a new game, it is expected that you don’t interact with anyone for at least 24 hours. That is one of my favorite stress reliefs.
    So you have a months worth of posts ready to go? I barely even think of mine the night before. Though I do, have about a years worth of post titles and drafts.

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  3. These are all perfect and pretty much everything I do too! Though I’m lucky to have a kitten to play with too. Love the TV show suggestion… I’m very guilty of accidentally doing nothing in favour of Netflix! Sometimes it seems like I just needed that.

    Thanks for this – sorry I’ve been MIA for a while!

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  4. Wonderful and touching! I like that part when you talk about your kitten. Our pets can make us relax in a minute! My way to relax is to read a good book, watch some nice film, go out and make a photo or video! There are lot’s of them!

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  5. So many people suffer from stress, Morgan, and it certainly isn’t much fun. Life nowadys is hectic, and sometimes the workload can really get you down. It’s funny how cats can help many people to relax. You have some great de-stressing tactics to hand, so relax and enjoy doing them. 🙂


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