Saturday’s Super Six | YouTube Channels

Hello, I’m Morgan and I’m a YouTube junkie.

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When my concentration levels are just nope, I really can’t be dealing with 2 hour films or games or books, and opening up YouTube for a sprint of 3 minute videos is just what I need. I’ve loved lots of channels over the years, but they come and go… For today’s Saturday’s Super Six, I’ll be sharing the channels that I’m super enjoying at the moment.



Oh, my new-found love. Sadly, I binge-watched every single video on this channel, and then each video on the individual channels of each member… so, no more ThreadBanger videos for me until they get filming again!

These videos debunk Pinterest pins (or realise they were awesome and easy to accomplish all along), and the series of “Man Vs. Pin” videos by Rob are my favourite. I guess he’s not for everyone, because he swears almost as much as me and he has a weird (hilarious) sense of humour, but his videos are brilliant.

Simon’s Cat:

You know I’m practically a crazy cat lady, right? If I won the lottery, I’d open a cat sanctuary and live there. If I was single and less bothered about being a respectable adult, I’d have 70+ cats for sure.

Cats are just insanely fantastic creatures. Let’s not get into the whole debate over why cats are the best pet ever (don’t deny it, dog lovers), and instead just wholly agree that cats are full of personality, quirks and mystery.

Simon’s Cat is a channel full of these quirks that cat lovers are guaranteed to recognise. Plus, it features the cutest meow ever. It’s the best place for cat lovers (unless you have a happy cat sanctuary, then you win).

The Slow Mo Guys:

Equal parts interesting, memorising and epic. If you want to watch watermelons explode, paint explode, jelly explode (plus a lot of other non-exploding things) in very, very slow motion then you’ll love these videos.

Bad Lip Reading:

This channel ruined The Hunger Games films for me for so long. I couldn’t watch particular scenes without absolutely choking with laughter, and it’s even worse when it’s actually a pretty sad scene.

The Bad Lip Reading videos are exactly what it says on the tin. They take famous films and they dub completely random but coherent words and phrases over the top that perfectly match the actor’s lip movements. It’s really funny, but I do think it’s more relatable when you’re familiar with the films first.

Screen Junkies ‘Honest Trailers’:

Honest Trailers are the best. Like you’ve probably guessed by the channel’s name, they recreate trailers but honestly. I couldn’t sell these videos enough really. The people who make these are legends.


A.k.a. The holy grail of YouTube videos. Buzzfeed is full of everything and absolutely anything. There are a lot of “___ people try ___ for the first time” type videos, but I’m not complaining because watching an American eat things like black pudding for the first time is always enjoyable!


Yey! I’ll see you later, after I’ve finished binge-watching all my favourites all over again.

Fun fact: this post took twice as long as it should have because I watched around 400 videos in the process of writing it. Distractions. My bad.

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