A Little Bit Different

Tonight, I took a bit of a plunge. Have you noticed the new, little change yet? Look up… right up… into your address bar at the top!

My much loved The Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student is long gone and you’re now looking at the new, fresh as a daisy The Rose Quartz’. I’ll most definitely be explaining the premise behind my new, completely different blog name and URL in the near future, but for now I just wanted to simply share the news! I’m very pleased actually. I’ve wanted to change around my site for a while now, especially the title of my blog.


All links from my previous address will be automatically redirected, so it’s easy for everyone. You should probably expect a few changes in the next couple of days because I’ll be customising my site a little. I’m thinking a new colour scheme, site header and maybe fonts. We shall see!


Do you like the new name?

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You can read my previous post here.


22 thoughts on “A Little Bit Different

      • Cool! Can’t wait to see it. I thought about changing themes and such a while back. But I learned the one I had was fine I just needed to learn how to use my customizer better. So now I can change my header photos and back ground colors to fit my mood or season. But will always keep my little South Park me Icon so my peeps know it is me.

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      • I think that’s the perfect way to go about it. Keep something recognisable! πŸ™‚
        I’ve had a good look through themes, but I can’t find one I like better one my current theme so I’ll probably just tinker with the settings a little :).

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