Let’s Talk About The Internet

Why are we comfortable sharing so much of our selves with strangers on the web? Although we’re not the ‘first’ (can’t be dealing with bitter 90’s bloggers with “we started it” syndrome), my generation is renowned for over sharing, and it can confuse those who don’t understand. Obviously, the easily accessible Internet plays a huge role here, but I don’t think that’s the only reason.

The Internet gets a lot of shit, really. Catfishing is probably the most recent and infamous problem. This is when somebody poses with a fake identity on the Internet, intending to lure them into a relationship. I’m not sure if it’s because I was nastily catfished when I was younger or not, but it seems like everyone I know has experienced this to some degree. But, saying that now, I feel as if these things can be avoided. Surely, blaming the Internet for catfish scenarios is just as ridiculous as blaming a girl’s smile for rape.

Because of all that rubbish, people (like us good old bloggers!) who share snippets of their lives with the rest of the world are misunderstood. It can be seen as attention-seeking, self-absorbed, pointless… Nah. Maybe in minorities, but most of the writers I know aren’t like that! For me, it’s about comfort, practically-anonymous support and the idea that what I’m saying online is relatable, enjoyable, interesting or helpful.

Friendly Support

I like writing! I love sharing things with you. If something interesting happens to me, what’s the point in keeping it to myself? I have so much to say and so many feelings that I think I’d just explode if I couldn’t share it with anyone. Sharing things with almost-strangers (because face it, I talk to you lot a lot more than most real people) is generally free of judgement. I’ve never had any issues, and even if someone did have something nasty to say, at least it’s not to my face.

Everyone has a release. For some, it’s drawing, drinking, exercise… For me, it’s this. Right now. Writing myself a post with practically no point, but just because I can.



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28 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Internet

  1. I’m a communications student and am currently doing a project on this exact subject! Essentially, what I’ve read and through my own experiences, is that because we can be whoever we want on the internet and we’re not in a physical place, we’re able to be more free and trusting. We can chat with strangers and if things get weird, we can just leave and never face them again, because they don’t know us and we don’t know them.
    In this one short essay I read for a class, the author said they were once invited to join a Facebook group for people with the same first name. There were 14 other people in that group and the author was happy to join because it was neat. But they said that had this group existed in real life and knocked on their door to make this invite, the author would have been disturbed and found it creepy and too personal.
    Personally I love the internet. It’s fun and I have the ability to do so much!

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  2. This is a great post! Sometimes I start to write my posts generally because I’m worried about writing about myself too much and coming off as self absorbed. I’m just a writer and I write what I know – which is me. Though I do think it’s different to have a blog and share snippets of life than to overshare on Facebook haha


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    • Thank you :).
      I agree! I see some posts on Facebook that are insanely personal. I’ve genuinely seen posts that share things like wetting the bed when they’re drunk… Like, there’s a line and they crossed it haha.

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  3. Hey Morgan, great post. I love that we all share things here. I’m glad I met some people, like you for instance. What we share is our thoughts art and ideas, sure people can steal it but ultimately it’s about a need to be seen and heard and it’s great. I hope you had a great day ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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  4. Yeah, sharing in a zone where the chances of judgement are a lot less is very important… It’s one of those odd things about people, but geographical closeness does not mean that your neighbor, classmate, co-worker, etc. will actually have anything in common with you, or give a darn about your favorite movie/dental emergency/preference of wine/childhood trauma. That’s something I really like about blogging…I can find people with similar interests/mindsets, and they could be in Canada, Japan, Australia…and it doesn’t matter, we’ll understand each other. That’s cool, and not over-anything. It makes me feel closer to people rather than further apart.

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  5. I love the internet as I can communicate with people all over the world. (and I grew up without computers- having pen pals in New Zealand waiting 4 weeks for a letter). The downside with emails and writing on facebook is that some people write things they would not say to a person face to face. But they write rude or insulting things, they hide behind the internet. This is the part I don’t like. My children grew up with computers and I learnt it. I do love it!

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    • I completely agree. The Internet gives people a sense of “I can do what I want”, because they feel like it goes without consequence (we obviously know that isn’t true).
      Either way, the world would be a very unrecognisable place if the Internet didn’t exist!

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  6. Yes! Who cares what others might say or misinterpret. You know your intentions and that’s all that matters. Plus, those haters are few and far in between from those who support and encourage you:)

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