Lush Review | Magic Wand Bubble Bar

Magic Wand is one of Lush’s most attractive looking products, with it’s beautiful, pink sparkly bubble bar set into a star-shaped magic wand. There’s even a sparkly ribbon and a silver bell to just reinforce the effort they’ve put in to making this product look pretty. In desperate search for the super loved and incredibly sought after “Snow Fairy” shower gel, I ended up bagging the last bottle that my local store had to offer in the “Snow Fairy’s Castle” gift box. This is where I came across Magic Wand, and I’m very glad I did.

Magic Wand Lush Cosmetics Bubble Bar Review

Not only is it a great product in its own right, in terms of appearance, feel and experience, but it’s also part of the Snow Fairy scent family, so it smells absolutely fantastic. Snow Fairy is my all-time favourite Lush scent, and it’s quite possibly the nicest smell on Earth. It’s beautiful. It smells like pear drops, candy floss and bubblegum. Heaven. On top of that, this bubble bar created the softest, whitest, most cloud-like and moisturising bubbles I’ve ever experienced. I felt like a fairy with the skin of a goddess.

Magic Wand Lush Cosmetics Bubble Bar ReviewMagic Wand Lush Cosmetics Bubble Bar Review

Did I mention this bubble bar is reusable too? No? Surprise! Although Lush claim the bubble bar is enough for “several” uses, there has been Lush lovers claiming the product can be used 5, 6, 7 and even up to 18 times! Either way, it’s fantastic value for money.

How does it work?

I’d never used a wand shaped bubble bar or a reusable bubble bar before, so I wasn’t sure how to get those gorgeous smelling bubbles going. So, if you’re stuck, I hope this helps!

  • Run it under the tap: This is the method I use. Whilst the bath is running, I held the wand under the tap until I was happy with the amount of bubbles and deep shade of pink that I wanted. If the bubbles aren’t as fluffy as you wanted, wobble your hand around the bath water to create the softest bubbles you’ll ever experience.
  • Swirl the wand in the bath: When the bath has finished running, grab your wand and swirl it around in the water until you’re happy with the colour and the bubbles. This is much more magical, because it’s like you’re forming bubbles in your bath instantly.
  • Cut it into chunks: Like a normal bubble bar, the magic wand can be chopped into tiny chunks and held/crumbled under a running tap to create the bubbles. Although this completely removes all magic of the wand, this method is the thriftiest and will provide you with the most possible uses!


Sadly, it’s a limited edition product… but if you grabbed one in the Boxing Day sales and haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a very long lasting treat.

Have you ever tried Magic Wand? Are you hoping to try this product at Christmas?


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8 thoughts on “Lush Review | Magic Wand Bubble Bar

  1. All the great stuff ends up being limited edition *sigh*
    I will have to try bubbles in my bath. I haven’t done that in years! Been using bath salts, but having bubbles can have an added calming effect:)


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