5 Brilliant Apps Guaranteed To Boost Productivity

I recently bought a diary to help me balance my work life, home life and blog life a bit easier, knowing that words on paper would burn into my memory a lot more than keeping digital notes. My insanely over-the-top love for stationary also played a huge part in this decision, because now I can colour code all entries in the diary, and that’s just

s u p e r.


Even though this diary will be my new best friend, I began to realise potential that digital organisation has to offer when it comes to productivity – especially for me. My diary (sadly) can’t fulfil everything I need it to, so I’ll have to fill my boots elsewhere.

Mobile phone apps are, like it or not, a big part of daily life for a lot of people. They’re not just used for posting pictures of your lunch or sharing selfies on Instagram. We have the ability to carry around our work in our pockets. We can ask our little digital friends to remind us of dates, events and even when nearing particular shops. They’re useful, without a doubt.


Here are five widely available apps that are sure to boost your day to day productivity, helping you can get more done.




Outlook is primarily known for email, but did you know it offers some pretty powerful online calendar tools too? If your day-to-day life includes sorting, reading and organising emails alongside following a busy schedule, then Outlook is your new friend.


wunderlist logo

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I’m completely list crazy. I think I mention it in every other blog post… Really though, lists are brilliant and Wunderlist (as you can tell for the name) is the queen of list apps. On top of lists, you can also set yourself reminders that will notify you when you are overdue etc.

It’s absolutely perfect for student life, speaking from experience, when you have deadlines around every corner.


spotify logo

I’m sure this isn’t something specific to me, but I work like a dream when I’m listening to classical music. Music blocks out the irritations of the office, the noisy neighbours or the messy web of thoughts that won’t shut up. I think it’s completely necessary for productivity.



Pocket allows you to save articles and videos for later, which gives you absolutely no reason to procrastinate at work, telling yourself “only one more video”.


CamScanner logo

I found CamScanner in my first year of university during a programming module. I needed to explain an algorithm I was using and drawing it seemed sensible. This was a pain to do on a computer – I couldn’t add enough detail. So, I drew it instead, but was then I was stuck with a digital report and paper diagram…

I needed a mobile scanner, and this is what I found. Absolute perfection. It works like a dream. I also used this app to digitalise my signature for online forms and submissions, which is a huge time saver.


Have you used any of these apps before? If not, I hope you’ve found this useful!


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13 thoughts on “5 Brilliant Apps Guaranteed To Boost Productivity

  1. I love spotify! Also soundcloud, depending on what I want to listen to. I’m actually listening to Above & Beyond right now while I sort through some blog mess on my computer. Thank you for sharing CamScanner! I’m going to check it out, sounds super helpful!

    Also I am the same way, where paper notes stick to my mind a little better than digital notes sometimes, so a journal or planning book is ideal or balancing things.

    Kristy ww

    Liked by 1 person

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