My Day in Photos | The Deep

The Deep is a huge aquarium in Hull, my home city, and it’s a beautiful place. Not only is the exterior of the building lovely to look at, with it’s modern twist and Titanic-like appearance, but the aquarium itself has such a wide range of fish that it’s almost impossible to see everything on your first trip.

The Deep Hull

Source: Martin Bignell

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been. It’s one of my favourite places. Me and Matt once spent 2 hours sat in front of a lagoon display watching the colourful fish, and around 3 hours on another visit sat on the floor in awe of the penguins (which happened to coincide with feeding and it was unbelievable).

With The Deep focusing highly on research and conservation, there’s a lot of information available around the aquarium. They even share the feeding process with visitors, which is a fantastic experience.


With the sole purpose to get some awesome photographs of the penguins on my new camera, me and Matt went to The Deep again on Saturday.

After a busy day, we was hoping that the penguins would cheer me back up, but just to kick a girl when she’s down… the penguins were ‘in bed’ by the time we arrived. In the winter months, the lights are turned off pretty early to simulate their natural habitat. Great for them, sad for me. No penguin photos this time!

Instead, I got some nice shots of other fish, sharks and stingrays! I found the lighting quite tricky to work with so I’ll definitely be going back some time soon to practise a bit more.

Hopefully, the next time I go, I’ll catch the penguins before they go to sleep. 🐧

Here’s a few of the photographs I managed to catch whilst I was there:

Nemo Clown Fish The Deep Hull

Finding Nemo… I found him.

Stripy Fish The Deep Hull

A very friendly, very beautiful looking fish in the Lagoon of Light.

Stingray The Deep Hull

A huge Southern Stingray in the Endless Ocean exhibit.

Shark The Deep Hull

White Tip Reef Shark zooms past me in the Endless Ocean exhibit.



Two photography posts in a row… oops! Oh well, it was a coincidence and an unplanned, happy accident.

Which is your favourite?


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22 thoughts on “My Day in Photos | The Deep

    • This is the only one I’ve ever actually been to! I know what you mean… you definitely have to visit a few times to see everything. Paying entry to The Deep gives you full access for a year which is fantastic.


  1. I like picture entitled Finding Nemo, very nice one! I adore watching fish, this is so relaxing! Nice place, thank you for showing it to us, but next time do not forget to make penguins photos, I am so fan of them, they are so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t wait to see your penguin photos. I have a little boy who LOVES penguins. Good luck getting them 🙂 My favorite is the Nemo shot. The colors are really cool. (technically orange and yellows are hot, but still… it’s a cool shot)

    Liked by 1 person

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