Why Leslie Knope Is My Spirit Animal

 Be the Leslie Knope of everything you do.

I’ve only very recently finished watching Parks and Recreation, but it was one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. Each character has such growth, personality and depth. It’s quite easy to fall head first into Pawnee, becoming completely immersed in the success of the Parks Department.

For me though, Leslie Knope made Parks and Recreation a show I won’t forget, and one I’d be glad to come back to.

Parks and Recreation Leskie Knope

Leslie is passionate, strong, optimistic, over-achieving, ambitious, opinionated, intelligent and an absolutely breath of fresh air in comparison to floods of other (unrelatable) female characters. She made me finally feel like having strong qualities isn’t something to shy away from.


Dedicated to this wonderful (fictional) lady, here is why Leslie Knope is my spirit animal:

She is the best friend that anybody could ask for. Her love for Ann is beautiful. Leslie’s compliments to her dear, much loved friend Ann are a highlight of Parks and Recreation. If I’m even 25% of the friend she is, I’m pleased.

Leslie Knope Ann Compliment QuoteLeslie Knope Ann Compliment QuoteLeslie Knope Ann Compliment Quote

Her unconditional love, respect and absolute support of her husband is the thing dreams are made of. Look up happiness in the dictionary and I’m pretty sure you’ll find a picture of these two.

Leslie and Ben Parks and RecreationLeslie and Ben Parks and Recreation

 I can relate to pretty much everything she says and does. I’ll find myself grinning, mumbling to myself “oh, that’s so me…” (Except she’s 100% more incredible than I could ever be). We both totally don’t overreact.

Leslie Knope Parks and RecreationLeslie Knope Parks and Recreation

She loves her job with a passion. Her ambition is something everyone should aspire to. She doesn’t ever give in.

parks-game-son_zpsf91a6fa0Leslie Knope Parks and Recreation

Optimism at it’s finest.


What a woman.


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