Moody Monday

Happy Moody Monday, lovely reader.

Today marks my first day back to work after the super exhausting, not at all relaxing festivities. I’m going to be honest, I’m not looking forward to it at all.

Typically, my morning starts at 6am. I get up, get ready, cook lunch, drink a cup of tea (that I can’t start my day without) and leave. In the background, Matt holds me together. I despise mornings, and I’m a very lucky duck for having such a caring best friend and better half to help me.

Because we don’t drive, we’re full on “bus wankers” and it’s crap during the winter. Walking to the station in the wind, rain and cold is bad enough without then having to sit near strangers. 

Ignoring the monotony of our mornings, I have bigger issues today. Before breaking off work for Christmas, I had a rough couple of weeks. I was constantly sad, really sad. I wasn’t sleeping. I couldn’t concentrate.  I was uneasy.

I guess I’m feeling so negative towards going back to work because this is all I can remember – it’s hard to think about all the enjoyable moments I’ve had in that environment, when the bad bits are unforgettable. It feels like that big, dark cloud is going to just come and swallow me again, as soon as I get back into that environment.

My point: I don’t want it to. I wanted 2016 to be a year of saying “no” when I’m overworked, scared, uncomfortable, cold, stressed etc… but I guess in reality, that’s just not realistic.


Anyway, now that’s out of my system…
Here’s hoping that today is a good day!


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26 thoughts on “Moody Monday

  1. Hey you. Happy new year first of all. The last few weeks at work are always tough. Dont let it ruin your time back at work. Take advantage of the lull that everyone will be feeling and ease back i to it. Don’t push yourself and relax. Smile. You’ll be ok. Enjoy your first daynback at work Morgan. I hope it goes well. ☺☺☺☺☺☺

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    • Happy New Year, Simon :). You have a nice Christmas and what not?
      Thanks for the kind words! I’m hoping it’s an easy day. After almost 5 months you’d think my body would be used to these times.


      • It was a good Christmas. I got some down time but of course was busy too.
        I would have thought you would be used to it. But hey, you’re doing your best. Just go in there and smash it yeah?
        Have a good day… be gentle on yourself. Perhpas you’re exhasuting yourself with anxiety?

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      • I think it’s you’re problem then. The stress and tension makes you over tired.
        If you have someone to talk to at work about it, do that. They could help you talk to your supervisor about it so you can get re-assurance.
        Try and find some things to relax you, music or something, whatever it is that relaxes you.
        I thik if you can feel at ease more you can bust this.

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      • I had a bit of a breakdown in the last few weeks before Christmas, and ended up telling my boss everything. We’re going to try and work around it all, and see if I can work from home when I’m really down so the pressure of waking up at 6 doesn’t add to it all. That should be a huge help if I can get it to work.
        Luckily, it seems like today is going to be quite laid back :). Not many people are back from the holidays, and there isn’t much to do yet (hence me replying whilst I’m at work!)

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      • It sounds like your boss is supportive. That’s a good thing. I hope it works out, just try and chil and do good work. Then it should all work out well for you. I hope it does 🙂

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  2. Aw Morgan, I hope today turns out to be a good day for you too. The holidays can be really tiring and a lot of fun that going back to work can be such a hassle, especially if you don’t like it. I really hope it turns out okay, and if not I hope you survive another day relatively scathe-free and reward yourself with a hot bath when you get home 🙂

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  3. ‘Januaryitis’ hits most of us, Morgan, especially when it means going back to work. Christmas throws every bit of normality out the window, and early mornings at this time of year can be a real downer. But, on the bright side, spring isn’t too far away, and you have lots to look forward to in 2016.
    I hope you survived the week and are now back into the swing -which i’ll probably find out when I read a couple more of your posts. Matt sounds a great guy – an awesome partner and best friend.


    • I hope January blues aren’t effecting you, and that you’re enjoying 2016 so far.
      Honestly, I’ve worked here for almost 5 months and I still haven’t got used to these early mornings. But, I’m sure it’ll come soon enough!
      I’m very much looking forward to the brighter mornings too. Leaving the cosiness of home when it’s still dark isn’t a nice way to start the day!
      Matt really is great. He helps me out so much in times like this. I’m a very lucky lady :).

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      • I don’t get January blues now that I’ve retired. I don’t need to do a long drive in the dark to get to work, so things have definitely improved for me. But I know too well how you must feel.

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  5. I know this was a while ago, but I hope this day was better than you were expecting! Mondays aren’t always fun, and right after the holidays can be hard for a lot of people to go back to routine and the more humdrum things of life. Hang in there!

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