December was a busy, social and very exhausting month, but it was a time for Christmas, family, fairy lights and scented candles. Any excuse to stay indoors is a winner for me, and Christmas films and chocolates are a good enough excuse.

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DividerI guess this month’s monthly wrap up is a bit of a special one, with it being the final wrap-up of the year. Next year (that’s the first time I’ve said that!), I’m hoping to create more of a schedule for blog features, such as my Saturday’s Super Six, which will allow me to put more time and effort into my favourite weekly memes!

I’m also planning to feature other bloggers, possibly once a month, as guest writers and with it being my first full year on WordPress, I’m hoping to take suggestions from you about what you’d like to read about.

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So, here is my December wrap-up! (If you missed it, here is my November wrap-up too):

Personal Achievements and Memorable Moments:

  • I started working for a marketing company as a STEM Writer – that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It’s a brilliant opportunity. I love writing, so having the chance to write more and get paid for it is just fantastic!
  • My blog reached 300 followers, and I was super proud of myself ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Me and Matt went to watch two shows at the theatre that we were asked to review – Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. Both were amazing!
  • I got a selection of craft books for Christmas, and now my head is buzzing with potential craft posts on my blog. Watch this space.


  • The Doctor Who Christmas Special, โ€œThe Husbands of River Songโ€, aired and finally ended River Song’s beautiful time line.
  • We finished Parks and Recreation, and I cried like a baby. I’ll miss them all!
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out in the cinema, but I still haven’t seen it! Shame on me. Instead, I created a list of gift ideas for Star Wars fans.
  • Fallout 4 is ruining my chances of ever enjoying another game again. It’s so fucking good. How can I ever love another game?


Another great month of posts…


How was December for you?


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