Samsofy’s: Legography

Whilst studying photography in college, me and Matt tried and tested a lot of different techniques. This was anything from pinhole cameras to insanely long exposures to surrealism to tilt shift photography. Tilt shift photography is a creative technique to make a real life subject or location look like a miniature-scale model. It’s one of my favourites.

When I came across Samsofy’s series of photographs called “Legography” my little heart leapt. They not only reminded me of the research I did for tilt-shift in college, but using tiny characters as tiny subjects is something I’d always wanted to try for myself.

Samsofy Superman Lego Photography

Seriously… so clever, so geeky, so brilliant.

There are also a lot of superhero themed shoots, involving our much loved heroes and villains in simple, ironic or everyday situations. He’s clever, he’s funny and his website is definitely worth having a look at.

Somsofy Darth Vader Star Wars Lego Photography

Topically appropriate.


Here are a few more great examples of his ace work:

Old Couple Cute Samsofy Lego PhotographySnail Animal Samsofy Lego PhotographySamsofy Stormtrooper Lego PhotographyUnicorn Samsofy Lego Photography


Are you as smitten as I am?


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