Currently, I Am… | #3

Now Christmas is over, and before the New Years hype begins, let’s have a little catch up.


Currently, I am watching…

…A few different shows, but not many films. Just before Christmas, me and Matt finished the final ever episode of Parks and Recreation, so I’m needing a little recovery time before starting a completely new show.

Parks and Recreation gif

Okay, I cried like a baby.

I’m watching (re-watching) Supernatural again. Passing the time before the next episode of Supernatural series 11, and we’re onto the 3rd series already!

Also, I still haven’t seen the new Star Wars! Avoiding spoilers like a ninja. I will see it before the New Year!

Currently, I am reading…

…I’ve just started “The Girl With All The Gifts” by M. R. Carey. I’m absolutely loving it so far, and although the famously known plot point was ruined for me before beginning the book I don’t think it will alter my opinion.

The Girl With All The Gifts book

The writing is brilliant and the story is completely intriguing. If it wasn’t for the busy Christmas period, I wouldn’t have been able to put it down.

Currently, I am playing…

…Fallout 4. ❀

Currently, I am planning…

…2016. It’s going to be a super busy year, with a lot of important decisions to make. So much adulting.

Currently, I am feeling…

…Maybe a little relieved. Christmas is a very exhausting time of year, and I’m not used to the socialising! I need a couple of years sleep now, but I guess a week holiday from work will have to do.

Sleepy gif

I’m also feeling quite anxious about the New Year. I absolutely hate moving on into a new year – it makes me feel really uncomfortable, as if I’m leaving behind every single thing I did in the previous year.

Currently, I am hoping…

…That every single one of my lovely followers had a fantastic time over the holidays, and wish you all well for the New Year.

Happy New Year Fireworks gif


How are you today? Did you have a nice Christmas?


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