Merry Christmas!

Now it’s almost over, it’s safe to say my Christmas Eve was lovely. Normally, me and Matt don’t like to leave the comfort of our home on Christmas Eve (laziness plus antisocial, of course), but today was quite a busy day.

Christmas Decorations


We had a bit of food shopping to do for Christmas morning’s breakfast and I wanted to buy myself some cosy Christmas pyjamas. That turned into a huge fail though. All shops had sold out. 😦 Despite this, having some fresh air was nice.

When we got home, I began preparing our Christmas dinner. It was actually our first vegetarian Christmas lunch, and it was insanely gorgeous. The mash and roast potatoes were the most incredible tasting mash and roast potatoes I have ever made in my life – I doubt I’ll ever be able to make them so tasty ever again!

Christmas Dinner

Afterwards, I swooned at Love Actually, and watched Elf (it definitely isn’t Christmas until you’ve watched Elf) whilst I painted my nails. They were the first Christmas films we sat down to watch together this holiday. Better late than never, of course! πŸ™‚

It’s been a lovely day, full of food and smiles and cuddles. Bed time, soon! When we wake up, I’ll be making us tomato baked eggs with crusty bread to dip in for breakfast before we both head over to my parent’s house.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, every single one of you. Keep on smiling, and enjoy the holidays. ❀

This is my first Christmas as a blogger, and it reminded me how kind people can be. I’m not the most social of people in real life but it’s deeply lovely to see how friendly people can be when they try. I’m completely looking forward to my next year on WordPress!

Elf Christmas Film

Merry Christmas, lovelies!


What are your plans for tomorrow?


13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Christmas Greetings
    from my website to yours,
    May the Season be bright
    and the year that’s ahead
    turn out to be just right.
    With warmest wishes for
    Good Health and Happiness.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!


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