Our Christmas Traditions

The run up to Christmas has always been my favourite part of the holidays. Christmas Day is wonderful, but exhausting. I personally prefer the excitement of Christmas Eve! Even going to sleep on Christmas Eve is an exciting part of the evening.

Christmas Decorations

Growing up, when I used to live at my parents, we had lots of family traditions throughout the holidays. My parents, every single year, made sure Christmas was perfect and the little traditions we had just made the holidays more personal to us.

Being a creature of habit, it was hugely important for me to continue as many of these traditions as I could when I eventually moved out and began living with Matthew. More importantly, mine and Matt’s small little family (of cats, of course) began creating new traditions of our own.


Some of Our Christmas Traditions:

Eating Santa’s and Rudolf’s Treats:

Once the wonder of Father Christmas was destroyed, and we understood the sad, sad truth, the carrot for Rudolf and the mince pie and whisky for Santa was no longer magical. We knew they weren’t eating their treats after delivering our presents, and we were sure that our parent’s were eating them instead!

Me and Jared, Christmas Day 2011

Me and Jared, Christmas Day 2011 (4 years ago, wow!)

One Christmas, I coaxed my brother into pranking my parents. We said goodnight and headed to bed, fully knowing that within the hour they’d bring down the present sacks and indulge on the mythic being’s snacks! Before they had the chance, me and my young brother demolished the mince pie, took a giant chunk out of the carrot and tried to drink Santa’s whisky – we were only kids, so you can imagine how naughty we felt.

We split up, and ran back into bed to wait for my mum and dad to come upstairs and discover that, in fact, Santa and Rudolf apparently did come this year. From our bedroom’s we could hear the absolutely hysterical laughing of my parents, who clearly weren’t expecting it.

Me and my brother thought we were the sneakiest kids on the planet that Christmas. Every year after that, they’d still put the treats out and it always became a little race to see who could eat them first.

The Snowman:

When me and my younger brother were very little, we used to wake up so early that the thought makes my grown-up eyes water in pain. We’d set our alarms in each of our bedrooms for around 5:30am, sometimes even earlier, and then both crawl into my bed and watch “The Snowman”.

The Snowman Film

My parent’s had a rule that we couldn’t wake them up on Christmas morning before 6:30am, so it gave us the perfect amount of time to over excite ourselves with festivities! The time later went up to around 8am, after they both realised we would always wake them up at 6:30am on the dot.

One Cheeky Present on Christmas Eve:

When there is a selection of presents sitting under the tree, the temptation is just insane. You can be certain this is a tradition that me and Matt continued once we moved in together. Who doesn’t want to open a present on Christmas Eve?

I generally like to feel my presents for something squishy, such as new pyjamas or fluffy socks, so I could wear them on Christmas Day, but y’know, I’m weird like that… Matt heads straight for the ones that look like Xbox games.

“He’s Been”:

Shouting “he’s been” eventually became a bit of a running joke in the family, because of how seriously we used to take it. When we still believed in Santa (spoilers!), me and my brother would race into my parent’s room yelling “he’s been, he’s been!” As we got older, it was still our go-to expression on Christmas morning. This is a little tradition that spread into mine and Matt’s festivities – it becomes a habit!

Christmas Decorations

Notable Mentions:

  • Me and Matthew eat 2 Christmas dinners! One on Christmas Eve (just for us) and one with my parents on Christmas Day.
  • Putting the decorations up early always calls for a tin of Quality Street.
  • Cat advent calendars are a must.
  • Missing the Doctor Who Christmas Special is an absolute no-no. We drop everything we’re doing to watch it.
  • Take as many pictures of everything and anything as you can. Each year, me and Matt distribute cameras in preparation. I am obsessed with documenting big occasions!


Do you have any Christmas traditions in your family?


23 thoughts on “Our Christmas Traditions

  1. I love your tradition! Especially the one where you eat Santa’s and Rudolph’s treats!

    Sadly, in my family, we don’t really have traditions, besides the usual Christmas dinner and many Christmas parties to attend.

    Happy holidays!
    Amelie xo

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  2. My mom is huge on stockings. Even when we stopped really doing presents, we still would do stocking stuffers. For me, it is all abut the lights, trees, and decorations. When Hannah was alive, we had a lot of traditions we made. Mostly involving decorating, the trees and going to Christmas events.

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    • Stockings are very sweet – I don’t have a fire place or anywhere to hang them properly :(. I agree with the decorating too. It’s very nice to make the home look festive, especially to come home to when it’s cold!
      I haven’t mentioned yet, as I didn’t know if it was crossing a line or something, but I am very, very sorry to hear that you lost your wife. I hope you’re well over the holidays.

      Liked by 2 people

      • No, not crossing a line. I have been very open about it, and now that a little bit of time has passed, I am okay with the condolences (whereas before it just hurt to even hear it). So thank you for that. I will be okay over the holidays. I have a good circle of friends and family, and now that I’m home, I think it will be pretty great. A little bittersweet, but still sweet.

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  4. No, not really (don’t have any traditions), but I love yours. Eating Santa’s treats before your parents did is hilarious!!!

    I absolutely LOVE the picture of the Santa Ornament! That is any awesome shot!

    Merry Christmas!

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