Tim Peake’s “Principia”

Today, at 11:03am, Tim Peake will begin his journey to the International Space Station on a mission called “Principia”.

Ground control, to Major Tim…

Tim Peake PrincipiaTim Peake Principia

If you’re wondering, the mission is named after Isaac Newton’s book “Naturalis Principia Mathematica”, which describes the laws and motions of gravity – clearly, an important element to space travel.

It’s all super exciting, and there is a huge amount of coverage. If you’re interested, here are a couple of live feeds so you can watch all of the progress as it happens!

Radio Times Live Feed | Sky News Live Feed | BBC Live Reports


I have butterflies! I’m actually watching all feeds at once, eager to catch every little interesting detail. Major Tim Peake is currently listening to some personally chosen songs before the blast off to keep the team and himself as calm as possible – to be honest, he isn’t showing a slither of nerves, just excitement.

Good luck Tim! Best wishes on your journey to the International Space Station. 


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