Snug as a Bug

When I’m sleepy, there’s nothing as lovely as a cuddle with one of my beautiful girls. Don’t you wish you could be as comfortable as a sleeping cat? Just, their little feet… and those little smiling mouths… and ears… It’s all too cute. When I sit with them, I can feel my stress fade away.

Ivy, our eldest fur baby, has been the ultimate lap cat recently. After flopping onto any suitably warm and cosy surface (generally Matt), we always end up in awe of her completely adorable positions, like this one…

My heart melts.


Snug as a Bug Cute Kitten


Good night, lovelies.


17 thoughts on “Snug as a Bug

  1. So adorable!! Recently I had my hands full due to uninvited guest walked into our door and plopped himself on my feet, purring.. He is the cutest thing and we weren’t sure if we can adopt him yet.


      • I guess WordPress gone ballistic on spam blockers! Haha! The kitten is snoozing his afternoon nap beside my laptop, we have suffered terribly from his love bites. Still not sure if we can keep him but we have gotten him his first vaccination and aiming to neuter him once he is more settled in our home.


      • I think it’s important and that is the least I could do even if I end up not keeping him, I would want him to be healthy and loved. Now our living room is scattered full of his toys, haha!!

        I promised him if we can’t keep him, we will rehome him ourselves instead of going to SPCA. I would only feel at ease if I am 100% sure he goes to a lovely family. My husband said I’m a softie for him.

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      • That’s exactly what I would do too! It’s so lovely to hear that you’re looking after him. It would put me at ease to rehome the kitty myself too, as we’d try our best to make sure the home was suitable! πŸ™‚

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