“Sex Bomb” Lush Bath Bomb Review

I’ve been a “lushie” for around two years now. You’ve probably guessed already, because of the number of reviews I post, but I’m completely addicted. My bathroom constantly smells like absolute heaven because of the gigantic pile of products that are just waiting for me… In these two years, I had never come across a product that I disliked until I tried Sex Bomb.

Are you ready for my first negative bath bomb review? I wasn’t! And, I’m not just talking a little comment like “oh, the smell wasn’t as good as the fizz”, I’m talking a big old dislike.


The bath bomb itself is very pretty before it plops into the water. The pinks and purples were the reason for my purchase, as I thought they’d do swirly fancy things like most Lush bath bombs do! Spoiler, it doesn’t.

It also leaves the bath a very pleasant shade of pink. Very plain, but pink nonetheless.

Sex Bomb Lush Bath Bomb Review

Pinks and purples, with a very pretty rose in the center

Sex Bomb Lush Bath Bomb Review

Pretty and pink, but absolutely nothing exciting unlike most Lush bombs!

Now we’ve got that out the way, I’m just going go right out and say it – I hated it.

It made my skin feel greasy and gross and I got straight in the shower afterwards. It was boring. Once the bath water drained, it had stained the bath tub a dark grey colour, and it was a right bitch to remove.

The worst thing though was the rose. Remember I said how pretty it looked before the bath bomb plopped in the water? Well, when it gets wet it turns into a completely horrific floppy mess. I didn’t realise it was absorbing the water at first, until it touched leg and I almost threw up.

Sex Bomb Lush Bath Bomb Review

What even is that?

Sex Bomb Lush Bath Bomb Review

It looked absolutely disgusting!


Never again.

Here are some of my absolute favourites:

Golden Wonder | Intergalactic | Lord of Misrule | The Experimenter | Frozen

Have you tried this bomb? Did you enjoy it?


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