Growing Up in The 90’s

“Only 90’s kids will remember this” – it’s a complete joke, really, because the decade certainly wasn’t an enclosed period of time that only we can talk about. But, 90’s kids really are hugely obsessed with reminiscing about the toys, shows, collectibles and eventually the 90’s tech and the Internet.

Me and Matt are both the epitome of 90’s children, and we regularly ponder why kids born throughout the decade are so nostalgic. We eventually figured it’s because everything, completely everything, changed so quickly in such a short amount of time. During our childhood, we had the beautiful, natural upbringing of playing, making dens, knock-off ginger, Bulldog and staying out until the street lights turned on. Yet, only a few years later, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves into bulky mobile phones, music players, PlayStation Ones and the sparkly, new household favourite, the Internet.

Throughout the decade , the amount of growth was unreal. Everything became bigger, and better, more readily available, more affordable… The quickly evolving world meant we forgot the smaller, at the time insignificant memories from our early years, and those regular “Only 90’s kids will remember” memes are a way for us to fondly give in to nostalgia, and remember!


So, back to the point of tonight’s post – 90’s kids, unite! Here are some of the toys that I remember from my childhood:

I could go on for hours, researching and remembering, but these are only a few of the more obvious choices.

Alien Babies

Trying to put them in the fridge, making alien babies.


These things!

Cartoon Network

Practically everything shown on the Cartoon Network…



Game Boy Color

The only game I actually remember playing was Woody the Woodpecker, weird.

Gel Pens

The gel-pen life. You’re born into it. The horror when these bad boys used to run out…

Glitter Roll On

I covered myself in this stuff when I was a kid. Classy.


Everyday after school. “iya, hey, wuu2?, nm u?, nm g2g…, k cya”


When you’re mum’s on the phone, and you can’t get on the Internet so you create these masterpieces on MS Paint instead.

Paper Fortune Teller

Predicting your friend’s future in primary school.

Pinball Space Cadet

No Internet… best game on the PC.

PlayStation One

So many memories, so many games.

Pokemon Cards

The absolute love of my childhood life. I dreamt for years I had a Pikachu.



Shag Bands

Shag Bands – yes, horrible name, but everyone wore them!

Snake Nokia

Best mobile phone game of all time.


Maybe the reason I love art?


Every 90’s kids first child.

Videos VHS

I actually watched a lot of 70’s videos when I was a kid.


The boss. The bitch skipped with every step – you had to listen to it sat on the floor, without the slightest movement!





Ah, so many memories!

Are you a huge 90’s kid? What can you remember from your childhood?


39 thoughts on “Growing Up in The 90’s

  1. I remember several of these as a 90’s mom. I enjoyed the Koosh balls. Didn;t care much for Ren and Stimpy on NIckelodeon I know it’s a whole other network but my kids watched it occasionally. Furbies, fortune tellers, the pinball, the net speak or cellphone too. Paint on the computer, several of the Disney movie videos and of course Pikachu. Gotta say my kids got to enjoy some pretty cool stuff. πŸ˜€

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    • They really did! Koosh balls – that’s the one, I completely forgot the name of them. I really, really loved Furbies. I eventually grew to hate them, because they creeped me out as I grew up!
      There are so many other things that I could have listed. It gets me so nostalgic :).

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  2. I’m an 80s kid but I can still appreciate some of this. I like the alien, my kids put the in the fridge, convinced they make babies… I half expect an army of aliens to jump out at me when I reach for the cheese lol

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  3. I was born in the start of 2001 but I call myself a 90’s kid because I grew up with everything on this list πŸ˜‚, Its most likely because my parents grew up with it too ( They are 80’s kids ).
    I lived ( literally ) for my Tamagotchi and Rugrats, Ah real monsters, Angry Beavers and soo much more 😁

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  4. Omg girl u brought so many memories back I had about every one of these things and more in a 80s baby so I loved seeing these things growing up! And lol at the CD player cause I had that exact same one except in dark blue and silver.


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