Currently, I Am… | #2

It’s time for another catch-up. Forgive me, blog family, for falling off the end of the world for a couple of days. I’m back now. 

You can read my previous “Currently, I Am…” here.


Currently, I am feeling

…like I’m floating outside my own body, and watching everything as an outsider. I feel weird, and not like myself.
I haven’t been sleeping well, if at all, for the last couple of nights and I’m just completely stressed.

Currently, I am hoping

…that my wonderful followers forgive me for disappearing. It may not seem a lot to some, but I love posting daily, so a two day break from my blog is a big deal.

Currently, I am thinking

…if I should have shared my reasons for disappearing for a few days, or if I should have got stuck right back into my blogging schedule. I felt as if I should explain myself, if anything.


Let’s cheer up a bit now, it’s getting a bit moody in here!

Elsa Frozen Let It Go gif

Currently, I am watching

…a lot of Disney films! Me and Matt subscribed to a free month of Disney Life. Best decision ever. I’ve decided, after careful consideration, that Mulan is my favourite Disney movie.

Currently, I am playing

…Fallout 4. Obsessed. I haven’t done much of anything in the last couple of days, gaming included, but this beautiful thing hasn’t left my thoughts. I can’t wait to finally muster up some energy to play! Here’s hoping weekend brings me a lovely nights sleep.

I actually have a little bit of good news, too. Matt attended a lecture on marketing and social media management a couple of weeks ago at university, and got chatting to the guest.

After suggesting he’d like to get into marketing, they swapped contact details – Matt shared his blog. After having a good read of my wonderful fiancés writing, Mr. Marketing Man offered him a chance to write for the company as a lifestyle writer! Brilliant news.

Coincidentally, because Matt shares the link to my blog around hundreds of times around his blog, Mr. Marketing Man found and read my blog, and decided he’d like me to write for him, too.

Here’s to happier times!



Have I missed some spectacular posts of yours? I’d love to have a read. It’s good to be back.


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