Saturday’s Super Six | Doctor Who Planets

Good evening, lovelies!

Tonight’s instalment of my Saturday’s Super Six is going to crack down on my favourite Doctor Who planets! There is most definitely a running joke that the series stays very close to home – with a preference for London – but it does in fact introduce some wonderful, beautiful planets.

I have a huge list of favourites, but some are so striking they just have to be remembered.


The Rings of Akhaten:

Okay, technically, this isn’t a planet. The rings are orbiting the sentient planet of Akhaten, but it’s not the planet itself which is the beauty here, it’s the civilisation that surround it on the asteroid belt.

The Rings of Akhaten is actually one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes. The 11th Doctor’s monologue is heartbreaking and completely emotional. I’m sure it’s a speech that non-fans would even well up at…

It’s a civilisation of faith, which eventually could of lead to its demise without help. However, it’s beautiful.

Akhaten Planet


A planet made of diamond glaciers, and completely airless so it’s practically impossible for humans to destroy it. Absolutely perfect.



Doctor Who focuses a lot on Earth-based stories. However, it’s not always simple London 2000’s. We travel backwards and forwards in time – sometimes to the beginning and the end of human existence. We travel around the world, into hugely important moments of history. We actually see most of the most iconic Doctor Who monsters on Earth itself! The Daleks, the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels and the Silence…


The Library:

A planet of books. Every book that has ever been. Heaven.



A beautiful planet, with glass mountains and purple sky, but riddled with disease, hoping to contain it as much as possible. Instead of letting the contagion ruin the lives of the natives, the Two Streams Facility was set up to allow the ill to continue living their lives, whilst their families have the ability to live it out completely – in a day. Grim, yes, but would you rather live a full life of pain with your loved ones together or share the final 24 hours together?



Yeah… Gallifrey is most definitely the most iconic planet of Doctor Who. The Doctor’s home land. Fields of red grass, a sky of orange and forests so bright they looked like fire. The rust coloured planet is beautiful, home and discovered…



Do you have any other favourite Doctor Who planets?




18 thoughts on “Saturday’s Super Six | Doctor Who Planets

  1. Nice choices, out of those I think I like the Library the most, just because it’s the setting of my all-time favourite DW story.

    Traken also sounds like a wonderful planet. Not sure if you’ve seen the classic series, but it’s where the Fifth Doctor’s companion Nyssa came from. It’s a planet of pure peace and tranquillity… sounds divine! They have very nice gardens, and fashion, too.

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    • “hey, who turned out the lights?”… mine too. The start of a 7 year River arc! Donna breaks my heart – she was a brilliant companion.
      I’ve watch a big chunk of the classic episodes, but I really want to keep watching them in order to I’m restraining myself and not skipping to the famous episodes! I haven’t got as far as the 5th Doctor yet. It sounds like a wonderful planet though!

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      • Oh nice, that’s the best way to watch them, I think, if you’re already into the modern show. It’s how I watched them and I found it really rewarding going through the episodes chronologically, following the Doctor’s story from start to finish.

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  4. Most of my favorite DW episodes have also been on Earth, or the alternate realities… Though the idea of *The* Library existing is great. ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite non-Earth planet, though, would be one they didn’t actually show in the program, but that is mentioned by Rose (circa the 9th Doctor), “Woman Wept” – the description of the landscape is just marvelous and enchanting, and reminds you of why we love Doctor Who. ๐Ÿ™‚

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