How To: Get Your Blog Ready for Christmas!

Now we’re edging closer and closer to Christmas, I thought it was about time I added a bit of festivity to my blog! Have you noticed the falling snow? A super simple touch that just makes everything a little bit more Christmassy!


If you’re itching to share your love of Christmas all over your own blog, here are a few ideas you could try for yourself:

Add Falling Snow:

WordPress have provided a super sweet feature that lets everyone add falling snow to their blog.

To do this, go to the WordPress settings, ensure you’re on the “General” tab and finally select the “Show falling snow on my blog” tick box.

Falling Snow

Upload a New Festive Gravatar:

Instead of your normal selfie, why don’t you add a Santa hat or a few snowflakes? How about replacing your face with a full on Christmas scene? Switch things up a little for the festive period.

Add a Festive Widget:

Christmas SelfieSo many options! You could include a text widget to your blog, and unlike blog posts, which become less visible over time, a widget will constantly be the center of attention. Share “Merry Christmas!”, “Happy Holidays!” or even “Bah Humbug”, if you’re feeling it, and it’ll be there for every reader to see.

Similarly, you could add an image widget instead. Maybe there is a beautiful festive photograph you took recently that you’d love to share with everyone. Maybe you want to share a lovely family Christmas photo!

Create a Custom Background:

Add instant festivity by adding a new, custom Christmas blog background!

I’ve recently edited a quite lovely background for my blog, by taking the original green striped background and add a selection of pretty snowflakes all over the place. However, I haven’t uploaded it yet, because I’m thinking of saving it for a special Christmas moment! It’ll come soon enough :-).

There’s lots of free editing software available. I used Photoshop, but Paint.NET would be just as good!

Christmas Themed Blog Posts:

Everyone loves a festive blog post. If you don’t, oops… I have a lot planned. You can easily add a bit of Christmas spirit with a few themed blog posts.

There are lots of Christmas WordPress tags making their rotations at the moment, one of which being Blogmas. The premise is that you blog every day throughout December, throwing in as many Christmas posts as you can. 4 days late is better than not at all 🙂


21 sleeps!

Do you have any others ideas?


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