Good evening, my lovely readers!

I’ve been feeling super creative lately, but because I haven’t had a lot of free time outside of work, it’s instead lead to a lot more to the reviewing of some of my older work. Compromise.


A collection of images I particularly enjoyed working on focused a lot on angles. Inspired by Pep Ventosa, I chose a target (something simple such as a tree or a fountain) and slowly circled it, photographing it periodically.

I would shoot between 20 and 30 images focusing on the same object, that I then merged in Photoshop into one final result. Each photograph, although entirely focused on one central point, has a different background and this is what leads to such randomised and interesting backdrops when the editing has finished.

It creates quite a ghostly and surreal result, and one I really enjoyed creating. Enjoy!

Pep Ventosa InspirationPep Ventosa InspirationPep Ventosa Inspiration

Three simple focal points: a statue, a tree and a fountain.



29 thoughts on “Angles

  1. What a cool effect! For some reason, the first thing to pop into my mind is that this must be what you’d see if you looked out a window in the Tardis when it’s in the middle of fading out. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Who…

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      • We’re still working our way through season 7! We’re pretty new to Who, over all, so trying to catch up. The kids are loving it so much though that our 9 year old demanded a Dalek costume for Halloween, and we’re getting all kinds of Tardis themed requests for Christmas too.


      • Oooo season 7! Not too far to go before you’re completely caught up πŸ™‚ Do you have a favorite Doctor so far? Matt Smith is mine!
        The TARDIS is so iconic, I’m not surprised!


      • I’ve heard that your first doctor is always your favorite, but we started with Eccleston and I could not get past the image of him as a bad, bad guy (thanks, Gone in 60 Seconds) — I kept expecting him to murder someone or something. So Tennant is for sure my fave so far.


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