November is pretty much my favourite time of year – it’s a time for Christmas preparation and excitement, creeping into the icy Winter mornings and there’s no guilt when you decide to spend a full weekend indoors because it’s cosier than being active! (Or is that just me..?)


To be honest, November was a really lazy month in terms of hobbies and goals. It was really work-orientated, and everything else has been doused in sleepiness.


I wish I had more time for photography and creative posts, but time… there’s never enough, so instead I’ve focused a lot more on sharing specific content that I hoped would catch your interest like ideas, gifts, fun facts and quotes. It isn’t what I’m used to, but it came completely naturally to me and up until looking back on my month of blog posts, I’d barely even realised a theme.

Don’t fret, you can only imagine the number of creative, festive posts I have planned for the period of December! And I have lots of festive Lush bath bombs just dying to be used.

Christmas Decorations


So here is my November wrap-up! (If you missed it, here is my October wrap-up too):

Personal Achievements and Memorable Moments:

  • It was my 21st birthday. I had a lovely couple of days, and now I guess I’m a proper grown-up!
  • Me and Matthew put our Christmas decorations up early this month, and we’ve been feeling very festive ever since.
  • I had a busy month at work. My team started a new project and I went on my first client trip. That was the first time I’ve spent the night away from Matt since we moved in together – I couldn’t sleep!
  • My blog reached 100 posts after almost 4 months of existence. Yey!


  • “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” aired, we are both obsessed. It’s nearly over again, for a full year… *sobs*.
  • We bought an Xbox One and Fallout 4. It’s amazing. I think it’s my favourite game of all time.
  • We’re on the final season of Parks and Recreation! Shall I smile that it happened, or cry that it’s ending? Who knows.
  • I reread the Hunger Games trilogy in preparation for the Mockingjay: Part II release. It’s now out in cinemas, and we’re finally going to catch it tomorrow!
  • I realised all over again my favourite Disney movie is Mulan.


I had such fun writing this month’s posts’, so let’s have a look at what I shared…

Wow… and breathe. That’s a lot!


Did you enjoy any of my posts in particular this month? How was your November? πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “November

  1. I love this idea. I haven’t spent much time on WordPress this month but I love your blog so much and will definitely take a look at your November posts. Also looking forward to your December festive posts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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