Why I Love Reading

Reading: you either love it, or you hate it, right?

I think that’s what I’ve noticed. People read, or they don’t read. There isn’t really an in-between. They don’t just read sometimes. 

I, on the other hand, openly love reading. I love a lot of other things too, granted, but when I have the time, not a lot can beat the feeling of being engrossed in a fantastic book. But, why?


Buying new books:

Lord of the Rings

Coming home from work…

Coming Home From Work gif

…knowing you can read all night:

Reading gif

The struggle of choosing what to read next, from the endless unread books you’ve got on display:

Starting a new book gif

Reading the first chapter, and thinking “I’m gunna love this…”:

Enjoying a Book gif

Becoming best friends with the protagonist:


Book crushes:

Book Crush Tumblr gif

Then shit goes down, and they find themselves in trouble:

Never Forgive

Worrying about what’s going to happen to them all day at work:

Crying Stitch gif

The feeling of relief when they don’t die:

Beyonce Relief gif

Or pain, if they do:

Angels Take Manhattan gif

Then you finish the book, it’s the last of the trilogy, and there’s a hole in your life:

Finishing a Book gif

The sheer and utter disappointment when the book was amazing, but the ending was absolutely crap:

Dexter Angry Why gif

The excitement of letting go, and moving on to a new book:

Starting a New Book gif

The endless cycle.


Okay, I’ll go read now…


28 thoughts on “Why I Love Reading

  1. I wish I read more, but I’m a slow reader and it’s hard to find the time to read anyway, with everything else that occupies my time :p Maybe in my summer holidays I’ll get some reading done.

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    • So hard to juggle hobbies! I have to decide if I wanna game, watch my series, films or read!
      No point reading a book that bores you or you can’t get into, so make sure you find something that proper catches your interest :-), otherwise you could be put off forever!

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  2. haha, I couldn’t agree with you more. Especially the reading all night thing. I love when that happens. Sometimes I will come up with an elaborate excuse to get out of plans just so I can read all evening. I know that’s terrible, but I feel no shame 🙂


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      • Oh, yes…I’m very picky, though…I almost always am reading something, but I tend to stick to the same genres…
        Generally I’ll go on an “author binge,” where I just read everything that one author I’ve just discovered has written. (Tend to do the same with blogs…you may have noticed!)

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      • I’ve never done an author binge, I generally do genre binges instead. Currently going through a young adult phase!
        I’ve loved the attention and appreciation be honest 🙂 thank you for all the blog love!


      • No problem, I think you’ve earned it! 🙂

        A few years ago, I decided I’m going to almost exclusively read YA…it’s a personal preference, but I really prefer the cleaner language, the simpler plots, the easy-to-follow character growth in that genre (because of its target age group). Also I intend to write mostly for YA, so I like to be up on not just the trends but also what the readers want/expect/hope for.

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      • YA books are more enjoyable, easy reads I think. I don’t tend to put a YA down and not pick it up for a week or so. I read them in one or two sittings!
        That’s a good point too. If you’re writing YA it’s a nice and fun way to stay on trend!


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