Doctor Who’s “Hybrid” (Trailer)

I can’t believe it’s nearly over. There are only 2 weeks – that’s only 2 more episodes – until season 9 comes to an end.

Am I sad that the series is ending, or am I excited for the finale and conclusion? I can’t decide. Either way, we get to see River at Christmas! I’m wishing away the weeks to see how they sneak her back into the Doctor’s time-line.

River Song

Back to my point, I wanted to share this absolutely fantastic, spine-chilling, goose-pimple-inducing, fan-made trailer for the season finale. It’s called the “Hybrid”. If you’re a few weeks behind, consider this a spoiler warning as it contains clips and a brilliant speech from previous episodes.


Hybrids. Once you start to think about it,  Doctor Who is full of them. The trailer, very cleverly, cuts together a story of a Hybrid Warrior, and the reasons the Doctor left Gallifrey to begin with, as Davros’ memorable, chilling speech narrates.

It even puts forward a montage of candidates for this Hybrid Warrior – some unlikely, but others are quite interesting to think about. Here are some of the examples from the trailer:

Ashildr: Human and Mire.
Captain Jack Harkness: Human and time itself.
Dalek (from series 1’s “Dalek”): Dalek and Human.
Daleks (from series 9’s “The Witch’s Familiar”): Dalek and Time Lord.
Melody/River: Human and Time Lord.
DoctorDonna: Human and Time Lord.
Dalek Sec and Dalek Humans: Dalek and Human.
Osgood(s): Human and Zygon.
Bad Wolf: Human and the Time Vortex.
Laszlo: Human and Pig Slave.
Meta Crisis Doctor: Human and Time Lord.
Jenny: Human and Time Lord.

There are a lot of hybrid hints throughout series 9 in particular, foreshadowing a possible hybrid-based finale. I hope so. Having closure on the hybrid arc would be fantastic!


Did you enjoy the trailer? Are you looking forward to the season finale?


16 thoughts on “Doctor Who’s “Hybrid” (Trailer)

  1. Love the trailer! I have to say though – Tom Baker’s appearance in “The Day of the Doctor” is still my favourite moment ever in Doctor Who – closely followed by Matt’s appearance for a few moments in the TV special about Hartnell. And then there was the children in need scene with Peter Davidson and David Tennant of course… (“you were MY Doctor!”)

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  2. I saw that trailer, too. I thought it was brilliant. The guy/girl has real talent!

    At this point I have no idea what to expect, but I’m thinking the hybrid is going to be something really shocking and unexpected. I’m prepared for an epic finale!

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  4. I know this is an older post, but it’s only been recently that the series finale was aired in the States… Was it just me, or was it confusing as all get-out? I wasn’t sure the question was actually answered — who, in this particular instance, is The Hybrid? I thought they were hinting at it was either Clara (no big shocker there), or the Doctor himself! Whaaaat?!??

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    • It was the combination of the Doctor and Clara, when they team up together, that makes up the Hybrid. They would go to insane lengths to save/find/see each other, that they are dangerous. E.g. stopping time for Clara just because he doesn’t want to lose her!
      I loved it! 🙂


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