Saturday’s Super Six | Date Night Ideas

If you couldn’t already tell, me and Matt are hugely romantic and ridiculously in love. There’s not one person I would rather spend my time with, and I look forward to coming home to see him everyday after work. Can you love somebody too much? I doubt it, but I’m sure that’s a question for another day, another post.ย  However, because we both have hugely busy schedules, it’s hard to find the time or energy after work to plough through the hundreds of date night ideas we have. Until we can physically keep up with these early mornings and late nights, we’d much rather cuddle up under a blanket and play games or chat.

As lovely as our nights are, especially during these cold, Winter nights, it’s good to have ideas for when we’re perked up and full of energy.


1. Go to your favourite restaurant:

Although it’s very much a clichรฉ date idea, it’s still popular for a reason, especially if you don’t eat out often. It’s more exciting if you don’t do this regularly, and we don’t.

Not only do you have the food cooked for you in a lovely atmosphere, you don’t have to do the washing up! Bonus points there from Matt, the household pot washer!

2. Explore local (or maybe not so local) nature:

Visit the parks, the nature reserves, lakes and ponds in and around your home town. If it’s cold, get all wrapped up so it doesn’t ruin the outing. I think walking hand in hand around natural beauty is one of my favourite things to do.

Luckily, we have a relatively large park in our city, so the fact we don’t drive doesn’t hold us back too much.

It’s a good idea to bring a camera, and take pictures of the things you find. The ducks, the conkers, the different types of flowers. It will make you appreciate the smaller things, once you start to realise they’re there!

3. Make something together:

Cook, craft, write, cut and stick. There are endless ideas, they’ll all include communicating and working together and, bonus, you get to keep or eat your little creation afterwards!

Me and Matt do this quite often. We always cook together. We often play around with my art box, and one year we made our own anniversary cards. It creates a lot of precious memories.

4. “New home” window shopping:

This could be taken as literally as you like. If you’re a dreamer, like us, you’d probably enjoy open houses, viewing houses and searching the internet for all the beautiful, big homes that are for sale around you. Pretend you can afford them. ๐Ÿ™‚

On the other hand, it’s nice to walk around the shops, in the home departments, looking at all the lovely ways you could decorate your own home. You could even pick up a couple of bits and bobs whilst you’re out, why not?

5. Games night!

Probably our most regular and favourite “home” date night idea. We won’t cook a proper meal for tea and decide on something to pick at instead – a giant bowl of chips or roast potatoes, spring rolls, little sandwiches, things like that. Then crack out the game of the night! It doesn’t have to be a digital game, though. How about a board game? Scrabble, Jenga, card games.

Then we put all the food, drink, snacks and sweets on a table and spend the night playing games together. Super fun, super indulgent and, if you’re anything like us, super competitive!

6. Be traditional, and visit the cinema, theatre or bowling alley.

Or why not all three? They’re super typical date ideas for a reason – they’re fun. Bowling and cinema come hand-in-hand for us, because they’re next door to each other! How convenient. If you drive, however, the distance between two local venues probably wouldn’t be an issue.

A game of bowling and a film could fill up a whole afternoon or evening, so it’s an ideal date night idea! The date can easily be cute and childish (playing in the amusements, watching a comedy at the cinema) or throw in a glass of wine and an Oscar-winning drama and you’ve got yourself something more ‘adult’.


What’s your go-to date night? Do you have a favourite?


16 thoughts on “Saturday’s Super Six | Date Night Ideas

  1. Awesome. You guys are adorable. My go to date night will be….errrr…the cinema…I love going to the movies. Or better still, indoor playing games on a PlayStation and of course pillow fighting. Jajajajaja…!! Window shopping, definitely, I may not be able to afford them now but I definitely will soon.

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  2. How about hanging out in the food court in the Mall, talking and people watching. When you get tired of that it’s fun to roam through the stores, find cool ideas for ways to redecorate a room in your home then not buy anything at all. It’s always a win when you can go shopping and not spend money.

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