Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

It’s tough being a cat lady. You have to constantly fight off the connotations of “messy grey hair, glasses, woolly jumpers, 40 cats, single, not looking to mingle” and always be ready to hold your tongue (or not, if you’re up for a brawl) in a “dogs are better than cats” discussion. Treat yourself, we deserve it.

Of course, it’s sweet enough having the opportunity to come home to our precious fur babies after school, college or work, but are you telling me you wouldn’t love a little ring with cats ears on or a set of cat post-it notes for your desk? I didn’t think so…


With Christmas being just around the corner, and the little stocking fillers and gifts for your family and friends have yet to be found, I thought I’d share a couple of my cat-themed ‘wish list’ items that I’ve had sitting and waiting in my Amazon Prime basket.

Cat Necklace

Source: Silver Sleeping Kitty Necklace

Cat Ring

Source: Silver Cat Ears Ring

Cat Silver Studs

Source: Silver Cat Studs


I think what excites me most about this little trio is that I could wear each of them separately and it would be a very subtle hint towards my home life, yet I could just as easily wear all three and hold the title of “Queen Cat Lady” for the rest of time.

Do you enjoy sneaking bits of your hobbies and interests into your clothing and jewellery? What do you think about the trio of kitty jewellery?


6 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

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