“Golden Wonder” Lush Bath Bomb Review

I have a love-hate relationship with most seasonal lush bath bombs… I find a favourite smell or colour or experience and then after a couple of weeks they’re gone – generally for another full year!


“Golden Wonder” is a Christmas bath bomb, shaped wonderfully like a golden wrapped present with a little bow. It’s very sweet looking and very sweet smelling, which is what attracted me to the product. I’ve tried a few seasonal bath bombs, and overall “Golden Wonder” couldn’t quite beat the beauty of “Lord of Misrule“, a Halloween speciality, but it came pretty close.

Golden Wonder Lush Bath Bomb

Because of it’s name and it’s golden exterior, I expected a gold and glittery bath water and I was right… for about 30 seconds. The golden glitter dispersed quickly around the tub, shooting out tiny little golden stars. They were such a lovely surprise, and I absolutely love unexpected additions to bath bombs – like the #VotesForAnimals note inside May Day, and the seaweed inside Big Blue.

Golden Wonder 4Golden Wonder 5Golden Wonder

Once the exterior gold had fizzed away, it’s centre of deep blues and purples started to seep out into the water. Again, a lovely surprise!

I wonder if that’s why they shaped it like a gift…

For a moment, it started looking similar to “Intergalactic” because of the galaxy-like colours yet after a while they settled and left a lovely turquoise coloured bath water, and a strong and sweet fruity scent.

Golden Wonder 2Golden Wonder 3

How stunning are the final colours? Super stunning.

Honestly, it didn’t leave my skin feeling as lovely as many bath bombs do, but the mouth-watering smell and tiny little gold stars made up for it! It’s definitely more of a fun bath bomb, rather than one meant to smooth, ease, soften or relax.



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