Saturday’s Super Six | Pinterest Wedding Ideas

I’ve always been super crafty, super organised and super enthusiastic about everything. As you can imagine, when me and Matt got engaged, my brain went into overdrive and an endless stream of ideas has continued pouring into my brain since.

People seem to find Pinterest ideas very unlikely, hard to accomplish or overly expensive/time consuming to make themselves but I completely disagree. I’ve found that if you really want to accomplish something, and you put enough effort in, it’s possible. Hence, a lot of ideas I’ve found on Pinterest will have to fight it out in the final decision making… because I want it all!


Granted, I have many special ideas that were inspired by mine and Matthew’s time together, so to keep things simple I’ll only included ideas I found on Pinterest. Here are my Saturday’s super six Pinterest wedding ideas:

1. Plant Wedding Favours:

We’ve decided on a very natural, very outdoors-brought-indoors theme, and giving ‘green’ wedding favours is something we love the idea of. And, they’ll last a long time unlike something edible!

Succulent Centrepieces
2. Simple Green Centrepieces:

Like above, we’d prefer greenery over flowers. I think these simple little plant/candle combinations are stunning.

Candle and Green Decorations

3. Book Table Confetti:

You’ve probably guessed, especially if you’re a reader of Matt‘s blog too, that we’re both huge bookworms. Books had to be a part of our celebrations somehow, and preferably rather subtly – voilΓ , book confetti! These would be super easy to make in advance and in bulk, and I could even incorporate pages from our favourite, most loved novels.

Book Flower Confetti

4. Sparkler “Grand Exit”:

This is huge on the ‘wedding scene’ right now, and we will definitely be jumping on the sparkler bandwagon! Imagine the photo opportunities!

Wedding Sparklers Wedding Sparklers

5. Guests Choose a Song:

…after a thorough check for appropriate songs, of course. I think this is a brilliant idea, but I can tell you now, if someone chooses “Barbie Girl” it will accidentally be thrown away.

Wedding Songs

6. Disposable Cameras:

Hello, I’m Morgan, and I’m addicted to hoarding photographs. No surprise, I would love to provide each table with a disposable camera to help capture the personal moments our photographer might miss.

This idea has criticised as pointless, as people seem to think they’ll only end up having to develop silly faces, selfies, spilt drinks and cheesy smiles… as if that’s a bad thing. Those are the moments me and Matt could miss because we’re too busy being newly-weds. I’d love to catch up and see what our guests were up to on the big day!

Disposable Cameras Wedding


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