The Difference Between Sleepy and Tired

I’m not sure about you, but I believe there is a huge difference between being ‘sleepy’ and ‘tired’.

When I’m tired, I’m moody and snappy. I’m easily irritated and the littlest of things can send me spiralling into sadness, or raging into anger. I can’t enjoy anything. I want to sleep, simply to rid myself of the crap mood I’m in. Monday mornings, for example.

When I’m sleepy, I feel cosy and cute. My eyes are droopy, but my body is okay and could withstand a reasonably eventful night. I don’t want to go to bed, I just want to rest somewhere comfortable with blankets. I want cuddles and food and candles and music. I’m happy.


Sleepy Tuesday

Tonight, I’m super sleepy – I had a really good day at work, but on the bus home I could barely keep my eyes open. When I got home, I decided to  abandon all plans of painting my nails and reading, instead choosing to get straight into bed. Interestingly, I’ve found I always do super random things when I’m sleepy, unlike the very predictable moodily-sat-doing-nothing that goes down when I’m tired.

Generally, I waste time. I know I could be doing something more productive with my sleepy eyes, but they don’t care and they just keep on procrastinating. Tonight’s efforts of being cute and sleepy led to watching all of Bindi Irwin’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ dances. I don’t know her (apart from that she’s Steve Irwin’s daughter, of course), I don’t know the show. All I can tell you is I clearly was having ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ withdrawal symptoms… and one thing led to another…

She’s very, very good. See! These random sleepy tangents can sometimes lead somewhere fulfilling – I appear to have found a little love for ‘Dancing With The Stars’.


Yawn… Have you ever noticed a difference between being sleepy and being tired? Do you have any sleepy quirks?


19 thoughts on “The Difference Between Sleepy and Tired

  1. I’m always sleepy all the time.. I don’t think I catch enough sleep at night though. I prefer to be tired feeling accomplished and satisfied. Or sleepy on a cold rainy day hurdled under a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa in hand.

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    • Lovely posts, I think, are generally unplanned and on a whim. Exactly like this one! I got into bed, and just had to share it. I thought Bindi was amazing, and I’m glad you liked her dances too! 🙂
      Thank you for the follow, too!

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  3. There is definitely a difference….Tired seems to come more from a bustle of activity, stress, or random incidents (having a fight with someone, or the unexpected large bill from the mechanic). Sleepy is simply your body is done for the day. When I’m tired, I want the world to go away, because I don’t want to deal with it… When I’m sleepy, I just fall asleep out of a physical need, and don’t care so much what the rest of the world does. 🙂

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